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Technology Tips

Welcome to the SVSU Technology Services Tech Tips Page

Many of you have been asking us for some computer help, tips, or just some basic instructions on how to be a semi-geek. We've created a short list of "Tech Tips" to give you the computer information you need to keep you on the cutting edge. Tips are updated frequently, and if you have an idea for a "Tech Tip" that you would like to see on this site, just let us know and we'll add it.

Did you know you can enable zoom on a Chromebook which is particulary useful for presentations?
  • Login to the Chromebook
  • Get into Settings
  • Click Show advanced settings...
  • Scroll down to Accessibility options
  • Click the checkbox for Enable screen magnifier
  • Activate by pressing CTRL+ALT+Screen Brightness keys (increasing brightness to zoom in or decreasing brightness to zoom out)

Did you know we have several How-To Documents for using the Microsoft Outlook EMail client?
Click the links below to open or download the document for viewing.

Did you know we have a tutorial for using the Microsoft Outlook EMail client?
The new Outlook web app which many people use for accessing their email is typically defaulted to what is called “Conversation View” where all messages with the same subject are grouped together to form a ‘conversation.’ If you would rather organize your inbox in the more traditional chronological view, you can turn off the conversation view and your inbox will reorder itself. This link goes to a nice one minute tutorial from Johnson University on how to make this change. Just insert “SVSU” where he mentions “Johnson University” and you should be good to go. Visit the link here.

Did you know we have a SMARTBoard quick start tutorial?
Our district has many classrooms that are equipped with a SMARTBoard. The SVSU Tech Services department now offers a short tutorial video on setting up and using the SMARTBoard. You can view the tutorial here.

Did you know the MAUHS Library has created several tutorials for Windows 7?

Did you know 'Unjamming' a Printer's Queue is easy?If you have sent a document to your printer to print, but nothing happens, what do you do? Most people might say ‘Click the print button again – or 5 more times!’ but this is not the answer. A better idea might be to clear the printer’s queue and try again. To do this, click on ‘Start’ -> then choose ‘Printers and Faxes’. You will see a display of any printer that has been installed on your computer. Double click the printer that you are trying to ‘un-jam’. This will bring up the printer’s queue. Within that list of jobs, right click on the upper-most job (the one that is likely ‘stuck’) and select the option to ‘Delete’. Wait a few moments and Voilà! The printer is now ready to print.

Did you know there is a quick way to rotate your display?
You might find yourself sitting at a monitor where everything is rotated 90 degrees. Pressing the CTRL+ALT+↑ keys at the same time should re-orient your screen to the normal display.

Did you know we have many tips and tricks for Google Docs?
It's true! We have compiled a list of Tips and Tricks for using Google Docs. Click here to view it.


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