Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union Board Documents

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union (SVSU) includes six school districts:  Bennington, North Bennington, Shaftsbury, Pownal, Woodford, Mount Anthony Union School District No. 14 (which includes Mount Anthony Union Middle School and Mount Anthony Union High School).

District school boards select two of their elected board members, plus one alternate, to serve on the SVSU School Board. This selection process typically takes place at the board reorganization meeting after elections take place in March. 

SVSU Board Members

SVSU Board Members

Holly Bahan - 447-2515 - Shaftsbury
Cynthia Brownell - 823-5656 - Pownal
Nelson Brownell - 823-5656 - Chair, MAU
David Durfee - 442-4414 - MAU, (Alternate)
Dick Frantz - 375-4475 - Clerk, Woodford
Mike Gahan - 390-3728 - Woodford, (Alternate)
Leon Johnson - 447-0094 - MAU
Jeffrey Leake - 447-4714 - Shaftsbury, (Alternate)
Francis Kinney - 442-2841 - Vice Chair, Shaftsbury
Raymond Mullineaux - 442-5594 - N. Bennington
James O'Connor - 823-5030 - Pownal, (Alternate)
Matthew Patterson - 688-8590 - N. Bennington, (Alternate)
Angie Rawling - 823-0172 - Pownal
Gene Rowley - 447-2924 - BSD (Alternate)
George Sleeman - 442-9239 - BSD
Kenneth Swierad - 447-0148 - BSD
Mark Tilley - 447-1884 - Woodford

Chair and Vice Chair have off-meeting warrant signature authority.


2016/2017 Committee Assignments

Budget/Finance:   Cindy Brownell, David DurfeeMark Tilley, Fran Kinney, Ken Swierad, Ray Mullineaux

Superintendent Evaluation:   Nelson Brownell, Dick Frantz, Fran Kinney, Ray Mullineaux, Angie Rawling, George Sleeman

The evaluation committee will follow SVSU policy #2600 using functions 1 - 5 as guidelines for the evaluation.

There was some discussion in August which may also be reviewed to make sure functions related to that discussion are covered.

Personnel:   Cindy Brownell, Dick Frantz, Leon Johnson, Fran Kinney, Ray Mullineaux, Ken Swierad

Policy:   Holly Bahan, Nelson Brownell, Dick Frantz, Leon Johnson, Angie Rawling, Ken Swierad

Education:   Nelson Brownell, David Durfee, Dick Frantz, David Fredrickson, Leon Johnson, Ray Mullineaux


Southwest VT Supervisory Union