Mount Anthony Union School District Documents

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union (SVSU) includes six school districts:  Bennington, North Bennington, Shaftsbury, Pownal, Woodford, Mount Anthony Union School District No. 14 (which includes Mount Anthony Union Middle School and Mount Anthony Union High School).

District school boards select two of their elected board members, plus one alternate, to serve on the SVSU School Board. This selection process typically takes place at the board reorganization meeting after elections take place in March. 

MAU Board Members

MAU Board Members (Term Expires)

Carrie Bond - 375-3989 (2020)
Nelson Brownell - 823-5656 (2021)
Amy Dobson - 434-249-2622 (2021)
David Durfee - 442-4414 (2021)
David Fredrickson - 442-8075 (2020)
Ron Higgins - 442-4988 - Clerk
SVSU Rep. (2021)
Timothy Holbrook - 823-5693 - Chair (2022)
Leon Johnson - 447-0094 - Vice Chair, SVSU Rep. (2022)
Francis Kinney - 442-2811
 - SVSU Rep.  (2020)
Edward Letourneau - 733-5954
Robert F. Plunkett - 440-2649 (2020)

Chair and Vice Chair have off-meeting warrant signature authority.


Committee Assignments

Ag Land & Food Service:   Carrie Bond and Ron Higgins - Co-Chairs, David Durfee, Francis Kinney
Education (Athletics & Activities):   Amy Dobson - Chair, David FredricksonCarrie BondEdward LetourneauDavid DurfeeLeon Johnson
Finance & Facilities:   Timothy Holbrook - Chair, Nelson Brownell, Francis KinneyLeon Johnson, Ron Higgins, Edward Letourneau
Negotiations - Teacher:  Timothy Holbrook
Negotiations - ESP:  Robert Plunkett
Policy:   Robert Plunkett - Chair, Francis Kinney, Amy Dobson