Welcome to Glastenbury English! I am excited to begin the new school year with each of you. To be prepared for class, you will need pencils, eraser, a blue or black ink pen, an independent reading book, agenda book,  the chromebook and bag (these last two supplied by the school).  It will also help to build your organizational skills to have a two-pocket folder for work 'to do' and to 'turn in.'

Strive to do your best every day. Keep up with your class work and homework. Check the Daily Agenda and your grades for any missing assignments and for accuracy on Infinite Campus. Talk with any of us on the team if you have questions. See assignment details by clicking on them (the blue link)  and get in any missing work if you miss class. It is your responsibility to find out what work you will miss during an anticipated absence. Remember, your teachers are here to help you!

Glastenbury Team Policy for graded assignments

Early: Potential Bonus credit at teacher discretion

On time: Full credit earned

Late (up to one week late): half credit earned

Later than one week: alternate/extra assignments need to be completed.

-Grade improvements for assessments require all previous work to be


- Extra Credit requires all previous work to be completed.

   Remember school policy applies for long term projects

and for making up work missed due to absence for any reason.

Glastenbury Team Chromebook Use Policy:
All students have received at least warning that they will be monitored using the GoGuardian tool for acceptable use per the agreement signed (Tuesday, 20 September from Mr. Morse and Mrs. Williams and also during team wide advisory assembly including Mr. Lee on Friday, 23 September). Consequences for a second offense for inappropriate use: 
First offense: warning, possible screen freeze
Second offense: teacher detention and call home
Third offense: administrative write up and a visit with Mr. Lee for more serious consequences.

Let's work together to have a great end to your school year!
Feel free to email me at:  Laurie.williams@svsu.org

Mrs. Williams