Welcome to Our Classroom!    
News and Announcements

Each Day is a New Day!
Smile and it will be a better one!

Mother's Day is on it's way!

We have One World Conservation coming in May for a lesson!

We are working toward getting our 60 class compliments for the year and might earn our class party!



Current Events

Second Chance Animal Shelter came to see us once a month for us to learn about pet care and responsibility!

We raised over $500 for Second Chance! Good job students!

In Reading we worked on character analysis!

During Math we are measuring all kinds of things!

In Science we will be learning how weathering and erosion affects the earth!


Homework Updates
Homework will be assigned daily and will be due the next day! (Reminder - students should be reading for 15 minutes every night!) 
Our class earns a class compliment every day the entire class does homework! Compliments add up to a chosen reward!

Word lists are sent home on Mondays.
Monday - 3 times each
Tuesday - 5 sentences
Wednesday - alphabetical order
Thursday - words in colors