Fourth Grade News

September 18, 2015                                                   Mrs. Goodhue

Dear Parents,

This week our journey to Hawaii has centered on the Earth’s plates and “hot spots” that created the islands over millions of years.  Fourth graders have been working on some geography activities using mapping skills to locate continents, volcanoes and specific locations of the islands as they were formed.  Next, we’ll be using grid coordinates to locate places around the world. As we located the equator, we have discussed rainforests of the world and conservation. All of these skills will lead into a project where they have to create their own island and map its location, write about its landmarks, vegetation and wildlife along with creating a story about its special features and inhabitants.

Math time has been focused on reading and writing numbers different ways using higher order thinking skills.  Next week we will be working on linear fractions and using number lines to compare fractional values and equivalency. We will be starting a fact fluency program next week to make sure fourth graders master their multiplication and division facts throughout the school year.  Fourth graders will move at their own pace as we rotate through different activities to reinforce their skills.

During Literacy time each day we break into groups and some of us travel to different classrooms to work with either Mrs. Donza or Mrs. Gardner or Miss Meberg.  Fourth graders have done a wonderful job with this scheduling and we are getting into a routine with long term assignments.  Each group has begun a novel along with the skill work to go along with it.  We have vocabulary books called “Wordly Wise” that all fourth graders will be working in each week.  Spellography books will also be part of weekly long term assignments.  They have been doing a wonderful job with all of the responsibilities of becoming an independent worker this year!

 Fourth graders will have the opportunity to begin some independent enrichment work to go along with our Hawaii unit.  If they have completed their daily and long term weekly assignments, then they may move onto some research of a topic of interest, and follow up with a variety of activities or projects to present to the class.  This gives them the ability to move at their own pace as they learn to use different resources, write and be creative with hands on projects.  These are all optional activities available if they are interested and if their regular class work has been completed to the best of their ability.

            “We’re here to help children succeed.  It’s that simple.” Educator Elaine Collins



Fourth Grade News

Mrs.Goodhue                      September 4, 2015

Dear Parents

Fourth graders have completed their MAP tests this week!  They have worked hard in this hot, sticky weather we’ve had for the last few days, and used Chrome books in our classroom to complete their testing.


Next week we will begin our math program call “Go Math” that will keep us very busy first thing each morning.  Ordering and comparing numbers to the millions is on the agenda for the next few days.  We also will be using our problem solving skills as we investigate working with fractions and word problems.  Fact fluency will be starting soon and math students need to master all facts with fluency this year!  Students that master facts will move onto more challenging activities during that time.  We sometimes break into groups during math time to meet the individual needs of students.  Our “Go Math” program is challenging in many ways and will help us to meet the individualized needs of students.

Check out the amazing bars graphs fourth graders have on display outside our classroom!


Fourth graders have independent work times during the day to complete assignments given from math, language arts, or social studies/science.  Some of us have a little work left at the end of the day that will begin going home for homework.  Assignments are reviewed regularly and assignment books will be filled out on a need be basis for individual students. There are many long term assignments that fourth graders will continue to work on throughout each week; and throughout theme units.   Reading is encouraged each night if students do not have any written work to complete.  Math facts should also become a consistent part of work each night if they need to be reviewed.

During Literacy time this week we read "The Kapok Tree” to go along with our rain forest study.  Students have several long term rain forest assignments in their Hawaii folders.

Digging into the dictionary and using context skills to understand vocabulary has been a focus during language arts.  Students have also been reviewing responding to questions, by flipping the question and writing complete sentences using details.


Next week fourth graders will begin writing some fall poetry as we focus on vivid adjectives and writing descriptive sentences that have a subject and predicate.  We’ll work as a team as we brainstorm “colorful phrases” and then extend them into complex sentences that describe the fall season and fall events.  We have some very talented writers in class this year!   Stay tuned for some beautiful fall poems on display!

April 24, 2015
Dear Parents,
Fourth and fifth graders have spent the week back from vacation getting back into routines and participating in practice testing activities for the SBAC tests which will be administered beginning May 4 - May 14.  We've been doing all of the activities on our Chrome books and learning the different types of questioning used in testing and finding out how to manipulate all the tools on the computer to complete our tasks.  They have worked on challenging math problems and many different research and writing tasks.  We will continue more training sessions next week.
During writer's workshop time we have completed our writing pieces on the Underground Railroad.  Next week we more on to our last theme unit for the year and study our state of Vermont.  
During science time we have begun chapter on Earth's Land and Resources.  We've been reading about erosion and how water and wind work together to shape the land.  We went on line and read different sources on Tsunamis and the erosion that occurs; and debris that travels hundreds of miles over long periods of time.  Students will be researching topics of interest about the environment and ecosystems then reporting on their findings.  
Writing across the curriculum has been a major focus for us this year.  Students have routinely written during math, science, social studies and language arts times.  We have used our Chrome books as we revise, edit and publish pieces of our writing.  Students have learned to use google docs as a tool for their writing and we each have folders of documents that we have written in different subject areas.  Students may access their writing at home to share with parents.  They my also work on their writing pieces at home on their google docs accounts. They each have a user name and password for these files.  

News Time  Grade 4 & 5

Dear Parents,
Spring has been a very busy time with students working hard at math time on fractions and beginning new novels during literacy time. We have also been working hard writing narratives about the Underground Railroad during social studies times.  We just completed a mini unit on the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman.  We read a play together called, Follow the Drinking Gourd.  

News Time Gr. 4 & 5
Mrs. Goodhue                    March 6, 2015

Dear Parents,

Our second week of composting at Monument School has gone very well, and 4th and 5th graders have been wonderful helpers at the three different lunch times.  They have assisted with the sorting and composting!

Today during science time we started a design and engineering project with teams.  Each team will design a tower/pedestal and construct it using various materials.  Their designs are a science investigation that they will write up with a testable question and hypothesis.  After we have build our pedestals we'll test their strength by using wind power.  Teamwork is very important for this project and we'll work together as we investigate!

On Monday March 9th I'll be sending home conference schedules with times for each family.  We have tried to keep the same days and times that were scheduled in December, so they would coordinate with the times of appointments for siblings in the school.  Please let me know if you need to reschedule your appointment for another time.

News Time Gr. 4 & 5
Mrs. Goodhue                                            February 27, 2015

Dear Parents,
Today we finish up with our Alaska unit and the Arctic region.  Students will hand in folders with all the long term assignments and projects they have been work on during the last several weeks.  We will begin an Alaska test that we finish next week as we review all the things we have learned about the Arctic region and its people.
As a final assignment for the unit 4th and 5th graders completed a writing piece to share all the information they learned and found fascinating about the Eskimos or Inuit people of the six different regions of Alaska.  They are typing their pieces on Chrome books as we perfect our skills for word processing.  Those writing pieces will also continue into next week as many fourth and fifth graders spent much time completing all of the activities in their folders this week.

Next week is "Read Across America Week" in honor of Dr.Seuss' birthday on March 2nd.  Each day we will be doing some Seuss activities with a special focus on Literacy for the entire week!

During math group time we are completing our unit in long division and will be taking our final assessment for the chapter in Go Math next week.  Next on to "Fractions" where we'll be using our multiplication and division skills daily.  We are going to begin by partitioning number lines and working on regions of grids to help us learn about fractional parts.  Our new math program continues to be a challenge for many of us, but lots of teamwork is helping us along the way.  Memorizing those math facts is essential for working with fractions; and we're planning a celebration when our entire class reaches 80% mastery of facts.  

Our next science unit will be Energy and Matter which we'll also begin next week!  Science activities and investigations will be part of the up coming weeks this spring.  We're beginning science notebooks to help us with investigations.  They will be filled with information to also help us study for science assessments.  Fourth graders will be taking the NECAP science assessment in the month of May.  They is a standardized state test that also involves a hands on investigation/experiment that fourth graders get to partner up for and report their findings.  More information to follow when the test gets closer in May.

Composing has begun at Monument School and third, fourth and fifth graders are working each lunch period to help out and assist with the task.  So far things have gone very well and we're recycling in our classrooms and also adding to the composed materials with leftovers from classroom snack time each day.  
New Chrome books have arrived and now we'll have two classroom sets to use for daily work and the up coming SBAC testing in May.  Students are so please to have another Chrome book to use for their assignments.  We use them at writer's workshop, math, science and social studies time to enhance lessons and communicate student work.  We have several fifth graders that are completing some Literacy projects on their Chrome books that they will share with others when they are completed.  

News Time Grades 4 & 5
Mrs. Goodhue                                                            February 6,  2015

Dear Parents,

    February has brought us nothing but snow and freezing temperatures this week with two snow days!  This weather fits in nicely with our study of Alaska and the frozen tundra, but it puts us behind schedule with our activities planned for the 100th day of school.  As of today, Friday February 6th, our 100th day celebration will be next Tuesday February 10th.  Mrs. Donza's 4th and 5th grade class will join us for some special 100th day activities and both classes will rotate back and forth during part of the morning.  My homeroom group is encouraged to bring 100th day collections to class that we can share during news a time on Tuesday.  They may bring a collection of 100 items that will fit on the top of their desk.  It may be anything they can find around the house; not just things they might collect as a hobby. 

100 cans for 100th Day Of School!
Monument students are attempting to collect 100 can goods to be donated to a local food bank for our 100th day of school.  Please send in a canned good on Monday! 

Next Friday February 13th we'll have an afternoon valentine party.  Students may bring in cards to exchange with classmates.  I'll send home a valentine class list today.  I'll provide treats for their party and we'll be making Eskimo ice cream for a special treat to go along with our Alaska unit.  Ask your 4th or 5th grader how the Eskimos made their ice cream.  We'll make ours a little differently.  No fish eyes, blue berries instead!

REMINDER:  Monday February 9th is a half day.  Released at 12:15.


News Time Grades 4 & 5
Mrs.Goodhue                                                        January 30, 2015

Dear Parents,

Students have been working hard between the snow days and delays to complete weekly assignment for our Alaska unit and language arts.  Some of our assignments will be carried over into next week because we had to make adjustments with our schedule; along with NAEP testing for fourth graders and an assembly this week.  We have two more weeks before February vacation and we'll wrap up our Alaska unit at the end of February.  Students should be bringing home Alaska folders to complete independent work periodically throughout the week. 

Fourth graders in my math groups took a chapter test this week on multiplication and they did a fantastic job! Congratulations fourth graders for all of your hard work with math facts and multi -step problems.  Division and fractions are on the agenda for the next several weeks.  We're also going to be practicing math activities for the new SBAC testing that will be coming up this spring; and taking the place of the former  NECAP testing students have taken in the past.  We'll be practicing computer skills as this test is taken on the computer and students will need to use word processing skills to respond to many of the questions. 

Now that snow is here once again please remind your fourth or fifth grader to bring snow clothes and boots for recess time.  We have many students not prepared with boots and are required to stay on the blacktop while others are having fun in the snow! Although cold weather sometimes keeps us inside; if they bring their snow clothes, and we can't go out, they may keep them here until the next day.  If we go outside, then snow clothes must go home each day because we don't have room to dry them here.  Please remind them to bring shoes to school each day so they do not have to wear boots in the classroom; and especially on gym days. 

Almost all fourth and fifth grades have met their halfway reading goal in our reading log.  Many have surpassed 13 books at this time!  25 novels independently is our yearly goal!

News Time Gr. 4 – 5

Mrs. Goodhue                                               January 16, 2015

Dear Parents,

This has been a busy week as we have worked to complete MAP testing in fourth and fifth grade.  Students and I will be discussing a comparison of MAP scores from the fall to our winter session, and setting some individual goals for them. 

Next week there are only three days of school with Monday Jan. 19 off and Fri. Jan. 23 a teacher in-service day.  For the remaining three days we’ll be back to a regular schedule and any MAP test make-ups will be done on an individual basis.  Next Thursday is a special day when Monument students will be treated to a “Monument Toasty Treat” which is a reward for meeting our goal school wide with 300 Bee Hive Fives!  A notice is coming home today explaining what the day will look like and any special arrangements students may like to prepare for the day, such as (favorite book, stuffed animal or pajamas).

See notice: Monument Toasty Treat!

Our Alaska unit is progressing nicely and student have made Eskimo parkas and oomiaks as they learn about the lifestyles of Inuit people.  We’re reading the novel Eskimo Island by local author Phillip Viereck. 

This week 4th and 5th graders also began research questions to go along with our Alaska unit.  Each week they will need to read and research about a topic and write a paragraph presenting the information they have learned.  Many more long term assignments were added to their Alaska folder to complete throughout the unit.  They may bring them home any night to work on. 

Our literacy group has been enjoying reading our novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This week they had to use their creativity and partner up with a friend and write the lyrics to a song from one of our chapters.  We shared their songs and will now type them on our Chrome books to share with others.  As we read our novels we continue to have packets of activities filled with weekly assignments to go along with the story.  We also have a writing activity each week as we recall events from the story, interpret the plot and infer and make connections as we read.  We’re working to become descriptive writers using vivid adjectives and verbs in our sentences.  Students are encouraged to proofread their daily work and make their own corrections before assignments are handed in.  At this point in the school year I’m stressing daily the importance of putting their best quality into their assignments. 

Most of us have met our halfway goal in our reading log this year!  There are many students weekly logging in books that they have read independently.  Our goal is 25 novels during the school year.  Congratulations to all that have reached 13 at this time!!



News Time Grades 4 – 5

Mrs. Goodhue                                    January 9, 201

Dear Parents,

This has been a very productive week for 4th and 5th graders as they returned to school after their vacation break!  They quickly got back into a routine and accomplished much during this first week of the New Year.

During math time we have been focusing on multiplication with 2 or 3 digits.  We’re using arrays and area models to help us multiply larger numbers.  Next onto long division!  As we continue to master multiplication skills we’re using them to solve multi-step problems.  Fourth graders have been introduced to many different strategies for multiplying larger numbers and now they are choosing a method that works efficiently for them as they problem solve.  Using models during math activities is a skill that helps them to communicate their processes as they solve problems.  Writing during math time is a requirement of our new program Go Math.  They will be required to respond to math questions during assessments in written form; so we’ve been practicing a lot. 

Next week fourth graders and fifth graders will be participating in MAP testing again in the areas of math, reading and language.  Our testing days are Monday – Thursday.  Please make sure students get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast to begin each day!

Our Alaska folders are filled with activities to help us learn about the 49th state.  We have been reading about the Inuit people this week and how they migrated to Alaska.  Students had several weekly assignments to complete in their folders by Friday.  They also have many long term assignments that will be due at the end of the unit before February vacation.  They are encouraged to bring home Alaska folders a couple of times each week to work in them on nights that they do not have other written homework.

Happy New Year!  We’re off to a great start in fourth grade!


News Time Gr. 4 -5

Mrs. Goodhue                                        December 12, 2014

Dear Parents,

Math time has been extremely busy this week as students completed assessments with multi-step problems.  Fourth graders have done a wonderful job in our new math program Go Math ; and they are learning many different strategies for tackling word problems.  Today during math we participated in “math station” time when students get to work with partners and choose from a variety of activities that review some learned skills and give them opportunities to try out some new challenges.   One activity gave them to opportunity to work on their money math skills.  They were given “fourth grade bucks” and followed multi-steps to make purchases, figure out shipping, tax amounts and then calculate money spent, and change given. 

During literacy time we have completed a novel and done a writing activity for our final assessment.  For the days remaining before vacation we’ll be doing a special “inventions” story and project.  Students will need to create their own inventions to present, advertise and attempt to sell to their classmate with “fourth grade bucks.”  This should be a fun project to work on during the days left until vacation.  We’ll also be reading about some inventions through the ages, and how they are still part of our lives today.


Our Alaska unit is underway and students have begun to fill folders with may activities to learn about our 49th state.  This week I introduced task activities that they will be responsible for each week.  Each activity involves research, writing and a hands-on project to present information about Alaska’s land, climate, wildlife or people.  Students may bring home folder activities to work in any night, as long as they are returned to school each day.




News Time Grades 4 & 5

Thanks so much to all of you that came in to share a conference time and discuss all the progress your child has made this first part of the school year! 

Next week we begin a new journey as we venture to Alaska and the cold Arctic region to study the land, wildlife and history of our largest state.  We will once again set up folders filled with assignments and activities that challenge students in the areas of reading, writing, math and science.  Students will be responsible for many long term assignments and projects to enrich our study.  There will be a resource library set up in the classroom to use for daily activities.  Students may sign out materials on a daily basis.  Please help them to remember to return materials to class each day as many of them will be shared among classmates. 

On Monday December 8th we will walk over to the Bennington Museum to visit the Festival of Trees.  This year’s theme is “Reflections” and we’re anxious to see our tree on display.

During Literacy group we’ll be completing our novel and activities next week.  Then we visit the land of Narnia in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” for our next reading project.  My reading group also has a spelling test coming up on Monday.

Writer’s workshop time has been a busy publishing center lately as we complete our first multi-draft narrative of family traditions.  We’ve been hard at work proofreading, editing and revising our stories to complete them on our new Chrome books.  Students will be designing special covers for their stories and bringing them home to share with families over the holiday vacation.





News Time Gr. 4 – 5

Mrs. Goodhue                                                       November 21, 2014


Dear Parents,

Conferences have been scheduled for the first week in December and your fourth or fifth grader will be bringing home a conference appointment schedule either Friday or Monday.  Please confirm the time and let me know if you have to reschedule.  We have attempted to coordinate the time with other conferences you may have in other classes.


On Thursday Grades 3, 4 and 5 traveled to MAUHS to see an exciting performance of The Wizard of Oz!  It was a wonderful show and we were so proud of some of our Monument students that performed as munchkins in the play!!!


This week we decorated a miniature holiday tree for the museum’s Festival of Trees held each year at the Bennington Museum.  We made Victorian santas with woolen beards.  In December we’ll walk over to visit the museum and see all of the trees that other classrooms have decorated.  The museum provides us with many programs throughout the school year that go along with our Vermont study.


Fourth graders are becoming proficient mathematicians with multiplication of large numbers.  We have learned four different strategies for multiplying large equations and our chapter test will be next week.


We have been using our chrome books more each week for word processing and literacy.  My reading group has been completing some of their comprehension questions on a program called Edmodo.  This allows them to not only type out their answers, but also respond to what their classmates are thinking about story characters and plot. 


Next week there are only two and a half days of school and we will be completing our study of Plymouth settlement and the pilgrim explorers.  We are planning a math morning with Mrs. Conway next Wednesday.  She will be introducing us to the technology part of our new Go Math program.



News Time Gr. 4 – 5

Mrs. Goodhue                                                                  November 7, 2014


Dear Parent,


News Time Gr. 4 – 5

Mrs. Goodhue                                                                  November 7, 2014


Dear Parent,


This week we began a study of the first English settlers that built Jamestown.  We learned about life in the 1600 – 1700 and what challenges those first settlers faced as they arrived in the new world.  For the month of November we’ll focus on the pilgrims and their settlement of Plymouth MA.  Students will be researching life during this colonial period to do follow-up activities during social studies time.  We each have folders with daily seatwork to go along with this mini unit for the next few weeks.


Math time this week has been focusing on multiplication of larger numbers using expanded form and models to find partial products.  We have been using three different methods for multiplying large products.  Fourth graders have been also using their problem solving skills reading word problems and higher order thinking skills to solve multi-step problems.  We are nearing the end of our chapter in “Go Math” and will be taking another final chapter test on multiplication next week.


Literacy groups began a new novel that we are enjoying!  Ask your fourth or fifth grader to tell you about it.  One of the longest titles we’re read so far!  We continue to work on our writing pieces, tradition stories during writer’s workshop. It’s been much fun to read about the different family traditions.  We’ve begun using our chrome books more and are typing our final copies on Google Docs.  We also have set up Emodo accounts for literacy time. Students will be using their computer to respond to comprehension questions to go along with their novels.  Using Emodo they can see what their peers have to say about characters in our novel.



Many thanks to Jacob and Natalie for sharing the novel “Brave Pilgrim” by Rush Limbaugh with us!  We began reading it as a class this week and it goes along perfectly with our study of colonial America and the first patriots.





“We’re off to see the wizard…….” On Thursday November 20th fourth and fifth graders will be traveling to MAUHS to see the play The Wizard of Oz!  Coming home today is the permission slip for our trip and it needs to be returned next week with a $1.00 admission fee.  Please sign and return is as soon as possible.



Mrs. Goodhue's Homeroom class

Students have been hard at work on our "Human Body" theme!  They have been learning about the respiratory system and how it functions.  We've completed projects which have helped us learn about different parts of the respiratory system and they are on display outside our classroom. 

Fall poetry is in the works!  Students are writing descriptive phrases using vivid details as they create their fall poems.  Look for them on display soon!  Butterflies with lines of symmetry are also fluttering around our hallway.

First Day August 28th
Our classroom is ready to begin a new school year!
Our first theme for my homeroom group will be
"Human Body"  and " All About Me"!  We'll learn about the body systems and create lots of projects and activities as we travel through the respiratory, skeletal and circulatory systems. We're even going to make life size skeletons of each student.
Supplies:  Each student my bring their own pencil box of supplies for the school year if they choose, but I also have all supplies needed in the classroom.  If you would like to bring colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue, sharpeners etc. please put them into a small pencil box that will fit easily in desks.
Pocket folders or a small binder may also be helpful for bringing materials back and forth to school, but I also have those available.  Students that wish to select and bring their own  materials are welcome to do so.