Mission Statement: Showcase the critical thinking, creativity, collaboration & communication of competitive ideas happening in Mercer County Schools.

Overview: The Critical Thinking Challenge will consist of a series of 5 monthly STEM-Based scenarios/problems for students to solve.  Challenges will be issued in October, November, December, January, and February.  

3 levels for each challenge: Elementary (K-4), Middle School (5-8) and High School (9-12)

Challenge Ideas- Designed with the aid of local business partners that will ask students to address a problem or scenario related to that business/industry.

Challenge Winners-Winners will be determined at each level (ES, MS, HS) by the district. A video asking the following series of questions will need to be submitted via e-mail to Kyle Kunk ( by the 3rd Friday of the month. Area businesses will determine a winner based on the explanations on the video.

Questions addressed in the video (must be kept under 3 minutes):

1.) Describe the challenge.

2.) What was your plan of attacking the challenge

3.) Explain (show) the product.

4.) Would there be any changes that you would make if you were asked to complete the same challenge?