Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists!

2016-2017 School Year
Questions to Ask about Artwork 
1. Don't assume that you know the subject. Ask the artist, "Can you tell me about your painting?"
2. Notice the Details: Talk about the shading, lines, colors, and forms you see in the work. 
Example: "You painted many zigzag lines in the sky. Tell me about those." 
3. Acknowledge the effort that artist is putting into a piece.
4. Use phrases like, "I noticed..." or, "I see that you......"
5. Don't judge the work. Point out the details that appeals to you to you. This will encourage further discussion.
6. Celebrate and display work. Have your child find a place to display the piece. It could be in a frame, magnetic clips on the refrigerator, or scanned into the computer and shared with family.