MLA NoodleTools Tutorials

Print books, E-books, E-reference sources and Interview Sources:

Citing a Print Book and/or E-book (not an E-reference source)

Citing an E-reference Source

(Use for Magill's Medical Guide, Salem Health reference sources, etc. Use for sources that are NOT meant to be read cover to cover)

Citing an Interview you Conducted

Database Sources:

All Gale Databases (see exception for Opposing Viewpoints)

Opposing Viewpoints in Gale (using Viewpoint Articles)

Citing Teen Health and Wellness

Citing a Reference Source Found in a Database

(use for African American History Online, American History Online, Bloom's Literature Online, Modern World History Online)

Citing Original Content Found in a Database

(use for Britannica School, CultureGrams, Ferguson's Career Center, Issues & Controversies on File, Issues & Controversies in American History, Teen Health and Wellness)

Citing a Magazine Found in a Database

(Use for magazine articles found in researchIT CT and CQ Researcher)

Citing a Journal Found in a Database

(Use for journal articles found in researchIT CT)

Citing a Newspaper Found in a Database

(use for researchIT CT Newsstand and ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

Citing an Image found in ImageQuest

Determining Content Type