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For textbook resources go to the Glencoe homepage.

Alg II Foundations:


Kahn Academy 

For Information about the Principles and Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics visit the NCTM website. AIMS Puzzle Corner These are not easy!
For help with your TI-83 visit the Tutorial site. Math for Morons Like Us Don't let the title discourage you--this is a helpful site. The Connecticut State Department of Education provides a link to the Mathematic Content Standards. Maths is Fun Not a typo. Typically mathematics is referred to as Maths in the UK.
No Graph Paper? No Problem--this site provides free graph paper for you to download. Free Online Graph Paper Ask Dr. Math Direct help with homework. Census Bureau This site provides population data.  
Interactive Mathematics These are java applets to help deepen your understanding.  Webmath.com Find problems similar to yours.    
Cool Math This site has it all. You can even buy a math t-shirt if you're feeling especially geeky.    
  MathBlues.com This site contains some SAT pointers.