Workshop Assets

Introduction Video

Introduction Video on YouTube

Below is a description of each of the 18 images included in this video.
Image Descriptions:
  1. The typed word “Introduction” with a magnifying glass
  2. A laptop computer with colorful arrows and education symbols spewing out of it
  3. Four students holding notebooks and looking happy
  4. Image of a blind student and image of two deaf students signing
  5. A computer keyboard with an orange Enter key that has the word Accessibility and the universal wheelchair symbol on it
  6. A black and white sign that says “all different, all equal”
  7. A line drawing of a man signing the word “look”
  8. A Wordle creation with many different words that describe Universal Design for Learning
  9. A laptop computer with the world emerging from the screen
  10. A stack of colorful books with a computer mouse coming out of the bottom of the stack
  11. A cartoon drawing of a student in front of a computer imagining getting only a 2.1 grade average
  12. The word “WEB” and a symbol for delivery
  13. The words “Online Course” and a stack of books with an open laptop computer resting against the books
  14. A line drawing of two people on ladders, reaching out to each other and the word, “Standards” on a banner behind them and a photo of a gavel
  15. An SUV driving on a mountainous desert road and the words, “The Educators”
  16. A street sign that says “Strategy” and another street sign that says “Resources”
  17. The Desire2Learn logo and an image from their website that says, “Take the next step. We’re looking forward to working with you.”
  18. Four street signs saying, “option 1, option 2, option 3, and option 4” with a sky with clouds and sun background


Important Links

  • Web Accessibility Initiative - "The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities."
  • WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind - "Expanding the web's potential for people with disabilities" - This site clarifies the current Federal laws guiding web accessibility at the United States Laws page.
  • How-To Guide for Creating Accessible Online Learning Content - From Web Accessibility for Online Learning
  • AccessIT - From the University of Washington, and funded by grants, it is The National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education
  • - A software list for people with disabilities