Known Issues for Learning Environment 10.3

This is a list of known issues. If you are experiencing an issue not on this list please contact support:

  • phone: (855) 321-3232
  • e-mail:

Check the Los Rios Outages page for information regarding any performance issues affecting district-wide systems.

 Tool  Ticket  Description
 Content  1  Videos are not displaying in some browsers
 Login  2  Login not working in some browsers
 Content  3  PDFs defaulting to thumbnail view (too small to read) 
 Login  4  Log-in not working with Respondus lockdown browser
 Grades  5  Grade All function enter grade field not visible
 Quizzes  6  Respondus Lockdown Browser locks up or freezes, does not save answers
 Discussions  7  Instructor can't see who authored anonymous post
 All  8  D2L is not saving inputs
 All  9  D2L website security certificate warning
 Quizzes  10  Quizzes not working on mobile phone
 Quizzes  11  Submit button missing in quizzes and discussions
 All  12  Error: You do not have permission to view this directory
 Dropbox  13  File not displaying in dropbox viewer

D2L Browser Status