Parkview Center School Forest

Parkview Center School Forest Mission Statement

The mission of the Parkview School Forest is to
support the PCS community,
by providing opportunities for outdoor education
to stimulate learning and foster a connection with the natural world.

A School Forest is an outdoor classroom where teachers and students explore the natural world to learn core academic skills and which serves as a living environmental education classroom. Our School Forest, an official designation bestowed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, is located right outside the school, around the upper playground and along the slope between the school and Highway 36. We have been a School Forest since 1993, when an active team of parents, teachers, and natural resource professionals broke new ground and established the Forest. The trees planted by students, led by that team, literally transformed the landscape around our school. The opportunity those students had to participate in an active environmental program transformed their educational experience.

Site coordinator is Alana Howey (Parkview parent). Teacher Representatives are Grady Linehan (Grade 6 Teacher) and Mary Sweeney (grade 6 and E-STEM teacher). Our current goals are to continue to develop and improve the site and to provide environmental education resources and opportunities to teachers. We want to continue to give students the opportunity to plant trees, learn about the environment, and experience learning outdoors.


See where Our School Forest is located!

Picture of Tree on PCS Courtyard window “Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will appear.”