PTSA Annual Direct Appeal

PTSA Annual Direct Appeal Fundraiser

Let’s raise 20k the Parkview Way!

The Parkview Way to raise the funds PTSA needs to enhance student learning and teacher creativity is to simply ask our families to give.  That’s right – at Parkview there are no wrapping paper or craft trinkets or snack items to sell.  Instead, we directly appeal to the generosity of our families and, every year, you prove that the Parkview Way is the best way!

This year, we need your support as much as ever.  Last year, PTSA reviewed 35 grant requests from our dedicated teachers and staff.  PTSA was able to fund 26 of these grant requests in full or in part.  The PTSA distributed $14,500 directly to teachers for projects that enrich our students educational experience.  Funds raised through the Direct Appeal help make it possible:

·       For the Macalester African Music Ensemble to perform for our K-6th grade students

·       To train all Parkview teachers on strategies to integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into all subjects

·       For teachers to have seating options that improve large motor skills and student focus

·       To bring an artist in residence to Parkview

·       To allow the jazz band to learn from professional jazz musicians at two regional jazz festivals

·       To provide 10 iPads for the 1st grade class so they can build confidence with technology early in their education

·       For our 3rd and 4th grade students to learn more advanced computer programming using ProBots

·       To help 6th graders develop equity, empathy and engagement through inspiring, culturally relevant books

These projects directly benefit our students, of course, but they also help create a vibrant, innovative educational environment.  Our teachers know that they can dream big because our families are excited to fund their imaginative ideas.  Our students’ education is more dynamic because our teachers get the resources they need. 

The Parkview Way is all about a community where everyone counts.  PTSA strives to fund projects that reach all our students and we hope for support from all our families.  The amount you give doesn’t matter, but your participation definitely does. 

Giving is easy.  You can give online at PTSA’s Direct Appeal website:  This year we are not using the GiveMN platform.  Using an alternative payment processor is more cost effective and hopefully won’t crash on Give to the Max day!  If you’re more of an analog person, feel free to cut off the pledge form and return it to the Main Office at Parkview. 

Parkview is better because you and your students are part of it.  Let’s join together to make this Direct Appeal the best yet!

Warm regards,

Bridget Sabo and Jennifer Otremba

Direct Appeal Co-Chairs

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Dec 15, 2017, 7:20 AM
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