PEACE Program

As citizens of the world, the Parkview community will embrace the
PEACE Framework for Global Citizenship:


Through the PEACE Program Parkview Center School will prepare students for local, national and global citizenship. Special programs and specific curriculum will assist our learners to think critically and act responsibly in the stewardship of the earth and all life forms. Download our PEACE Pledge.

Events include:
  • Fall Kick-Off Celebration/Assembly in the Gym
  • Numerous Learning Activities Built into the Regular School Curriculum
  • Special Programs Highlighting Music, Dance, & More from Around the World
  • Giant End-of-School-Year Party on the School Grounds

P: Peace is . . . Learning to be kind to others, work together, and resolve conflict to make our world a better place.

We believe that we must teach peace and empower each other to understand the importance of working for peace in our lives and throughout the world.

Parkview Center School was dedicated as an International Peace Site in 1995. The first dedication of such a site in Minnesota was in 1988 at the Longfellow International Fine Arts Center, an elementary school in Minneapolis. As of December 2006 there were more than 200 Peace Sites in Minnesota and over 750 worldwide.

Peace Sites and the people involved with them:

  • Believe in a peaceful, healthy world,
  • Believe in cultural understanding,
  • Believe in human rights,
  • Believe in a healthy, sustainable ecosystem,
  • Promote nonviolent solutions to conflict,
  • Promote a sense of world citizenship,
  • Promote a world that can find peaceful solutions, and
  • Promote working together to make our community a better place.

E : Equity is . . . Understanding our differences to ensure that everyone gets what they need to be successful.

Parkview Center School believes in the exploration of diverse cultures; learning to listen to others’ perspectives, and encouraging equity in our own classrooms, our PCS community, our cities, our country and around the world. Our curriculum and programs will be grounded in a global perspective emphasizing the connections among all of us and recognizing the differences that make us all unique. Students and staff will learn to critically think through multiple perspectives, and to challenge stereotypes. We will actively find ways to increase students' experiences with people and cultures different than their own. As a community we will strive to be receptive to new ideas and diligent about learning to communicate effectively with others.

In alignment with our District 623 vision, Parkview Center School is committed to ensuring an equitable and respectful educational experience for every student, family, and staff member, regardless of:

  • race
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • socioeconomic status
  • ability
  • home or first language
  • religion
  • national origin
  • age
  • physical appearance

A: Action is . . . Using our talents and resources to influence positive changes in our world.

We believe in self-directed, respectful learners who share responsibility for the success of their learning community. At PCS, one of our goals is to teach students to be responsible for their own lives and to realize that their behavior is a function of their own decisions, not the conditions around them. Self-directed, responsible, active learners take charge of themselves and consistently do what is right.

  • Self-directed learners (SDL)take active ownership and control of their own learning process.
  • SDL recognizes the important role that motivation plays in initiating and maintaining learners' efforts.
  • In SDL, control gradually shifts from teachers to learners. Students learn to exercise a great deal of independence.
  • In SDL, teachers model learning strategies and work with students to help them develop their own strategies.
  • SDL encourages collaboration, allowing students and teachers to work together.
  • SDL encourages students to ask a lot of questions and to take risks.
  • SDL encourages students to take initiative and responsibility to make positive things happen.

C: Community is . . . Creating and keeping healthy, respectful relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors.

We believe in active, experiential learning that addresses real world issues and benefits others in the classroom, learning community and beyond. Service learning is an instructional practice in which students perform service as a way of complementing what is learned in the classroom. PCS believes that service learning is about empowering young people and communities. Service to one's community encourages caring, integrity, and respect for others as well as strengthens communities through collaboration and cooperation.

Research has shown that service learning can positively affect the lives of students in many ways.

  • Enhances personal development by making students feel worthwhile.
  • Helps students believe they can make a difference.
  • Improves social and interpersonal development by allowing students to feel competent in social situations.
  • Exposes students to a wider range of people, issues, and places.
  • Enhances values development, teaching students that people in our society are interdependent and we must take care of each other, especially those who are less fortunate.
  • Improves academic and cognitive development through decision making, problem solving, and analytical thinking.

E: Environment is . . . Making responsible choices to conserve earth’s resources and protect our planet.

PCS believes in studies that assist students with the lifelong understandings and skills needed to make sound environmental decisions. Students enjoy studying nature, participating in outdoor education and learning about conserving our earth's resources. Research indicates that student concern for the environment improves when they are involved in their natural surroundings. As responsible and active citizens and community members, students should understand our environment and how we can continue to maintain a safe and healthy planet.

Our staff and students are involved in environmental education through many different venues. We organize day and overnight trips to nature centers. We integrate environmental themes into science, language arts and social studies. We supplement the curriculum with Project Learning Tree and Project Wild activities. We involve our students in experiences in our PCS School Forest and some surrounding community areas.

Five weeks throughout the school year are chosen to focus on a letter in PEACE (Peace, Equity, Action, Community, Environment). Each grade level is responsible for coming up with specific activities that they will complete during these weeks. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in various projects with each grade responsible for creating specific activities such as Pinwheels for Peace on International Peace Day, Equity Self Portraits, Pennies for Peace International service-learning program, a food drive, a health fair and tree planting.

Focus week dates will be planned for:

P: September and Pinwheels for Peace for International Day of Peace on September 21.

E: December or January

A: February

C: March

E: May – June

"Peace is not a season, peace is a way of life."

PCS Peace Pledge
In my home, school, and community
I pledge to live peacefully with others
To share, to care,
To listen, to help.
Peace begins with me.

El Juramento de Paz
En mi casa, en mi escuela
y en la comunidad
Yo prometo vivir en paz con todos.
Compartir, cuidar,
Escuchar y ayudar
La paz comienza conmigo.

Parkview's Mural Project

The school won a grant to bring in local artists David Aichinger and Jessica Turtle of Twin Cities-based David Aichinger Tile Company to create the mural. Each Parkview student helped create a piece of the mosaic, altogether some 190 individual pieces. Aichinger and Turtle worked together with the students for two days to bring the mural to completion. The entire project took a month from start to finish.

The mosaic mural was the highlight of Parkview’s school participation in the PEACE program for the 2010-11 academic year.

"Parkview values their beliefs in teaching peace and empowering each other to understand the importance of working for peace in our lives and throughout the world." ~ Principal Kristen Smith Olson