PCS Website History

Parkview Center School was one of the first schools in Roseville Area Schools District 623 to have an internet presence thanks to the efforts of three parent volunteers, the U of MN School of Forestry, and the staff of the University of Minnesota Remote Sensing Lab.

Parent volunteers, Dorothy Anderson, Jerrilyn Thompson, and Pam Jakes envisioned a School Forest program at Parkview and part of that vision included putting the school on the web in 1994.

Steve Lime, a forestry graduate student, developed Parkview's first webpage during the 1994-95 school year. The U of MN's Forestry School hosted the webpages on their web server. Steve is currently the Data and Applications Manager at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and is the primary technical developer of the MapServer-based DNR Data Deli, providing significant data to the GIS community. He has helped many local organizations make use of MapServer and related technologies.

Special thanks go to the original web design team:

  • David Claypool and Gary Beakman from the Ramsey County Surveyors Office for providing the GIS dataset for Roseville.
  • Timothy Szeliga from the National Weather Service for his help finding the AVHRR imagery.
  • Steve Lime for helping to maintain and add to the website.
  • Pam Jakes, parent volunteer, for joining the initiative and working with the PCS Green Team.

Parkview's original URL: http://www.rsl.forestry.umn.edu:10000/parkview 

The Parkview website was transferred to the Roseville Area Schools new district website in August, 1996, with a new URL: http://www.roseville.k12.mn.us/parkview/.

PCS Original Logo     PCS Original Ball Logo

Patricia Benson (Parkview parent volunteer) revamped, reconstructed, and redesigned the website in February, 1998. She designed new graphics, organized the site to make it easier to navigate, and expanded it to include many new features, including a Teaching and Learning module. Her efforts resulted in a website that was not only easy to navigate, but was visually exciting.

Thank you, Pat Benson, for your many, many hours of hard work redesigning and updating the Parkview website.

PCS Logo with blue border      https://sites.google.com/a/apps.isd623.org/parkview-center-school-programs/file-cabinet/PCSflatred200.gif?attredirects=0&attachauth=ANoY7crU_K3cuSOWjXWaS1xLG0OrCzoCHTJHpwkbYo4lYguOMZdIW_UeJbLRsVja9p5j6VnORYyB8V51QJInDXqWN1d4sWKJPkZXxdPLn1jcMN9oY5pBai0Y-fFkzuOfjAF2c0zIhskweRAsbcBHATKqKZtSVQjUNACIIVMIUCGkhVW51TzdmZAz9Q5nyazy7dspKgZa_ma222ZG2C4mJVycVHIpmA6r6s0VIjKzxTT8ClUU-gnWaqv9Kb87bZdi6qMwobzuaFwl57wTA2JJ3gHPAJosgg7hFQ%3D%3D

In March, 2000, the website began undergoing further changes to reflect the District goal of a more cohesive look for the entire Roseville Area School District website. The Parkview site continued to follow the District's vision for a more cohesive look with additional changes taking place every year from 2003 to 2006.

Teachers began using SchoolCenter in the fall of 2007 to build and maintain their own web sites rather than relying on one person to maintain the entire Parkview site. Google sites for teacher use were introduced in 2011.

In the fall of 2008, the RAS District initiated a major design update of the entire web site, expanding the web presence of various departments and updating information on every page. The 70,000 page redesign included the District template changing from blue and purple to sage and red; the Parkview site once again underwent a renaissance to coordinate with the District vision.

The latest RAS District redesign in fall, 2014, changed the color scheme for the RAS District webpages to teal, red, and black to coordinate the site with all District publications. With the move to a content management system, the entire site has a fresh look and feel.

Along with design changes in 2000, 2002, 2008, and 2014 there were also URL changes:

As the District web site evolves and changes, so does the Parkview site. The result is the Parkview Center School website currently in place --- always a work in progress.