PCS Site Council

Thank you for your interest in the Parkview Site Council. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have or any ideas for improving our school.

What Is A Site Council?

A school site council plays an important role in decision-making at Parkview. The Parkview Site Council is a team consisting of the principal, teachers, staff, and parents from the school community who work together to help Parkview be successful by developing, reviewing, recommending and evaluating school improvement programs and changes.

The Parkview Site Council may:

  • Help shape and support the school's mission and vision
  • Help develop the School Improvement Plan
  • Create more ownership and commitment for decisions and outcomes
  • Drive school change and develop conditions for success

Through involvement and representation of school staff and parents, the Parkview Site council can create more effective learning environments for children.

In some cases, the Site Council can make decisions. In other cases, the Site Council can make recommendations. In all cases, Board of Education policies on curriculum, standards and assessment must be followed.

What Work Would I Do?

The Site Council generally works on school-level issues, such as developing the PEACE Program and start a review of the role of Art at Parkview. Activities include:

  • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings in accordance with the by-laws. The site council meeting will be once a month for 90 minutes at pre-designated times (adding meeting or committee work time as needed)
  • Term of services is typically 2-3 years
  • Appoint an alternate or voting proxy if absent
  • Listen to members and other key groups
  • Be committed to serving the school and the district's long term goals
  • Be informed about school programs, curriculum, activities, and committees
  • Be a respectful participant and work as a team to discuss goals and elect leadership positions
  • Communicate Site Council work and priorities to the whole school community and encourage feedback

Council Size, Terms and Selection Process

Member terms are 2 or 3 years. Two members (both parents and teachers) serve 2 year terms and two members (both parents and teachers) serve 3 year terms. The terms run October - October.

A chairperson is nominated in May for the following school year. The chairperson serves one year as chair and then one additional year as a member. Members serving a two year term need to adjust to a three year term if they serve as a chairperson

Completed applications will demonstrate the applicant's desire to follow the PCS mission/vision, and work for the success of all community members.

Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

Site councils are not the ultimate decision-making body in the school, the principal is. However, site councils do not need ultimate authority in order to influence their school's quality and development in meaningful ways.

School districts are responsible for the quality of education delivered. The school district holds the principal both responsible and accountable for decisions made at the site level. Decisions made by the principal must be guided by the following:

  1. School Board Policy
  2. Federal, State, and Local Laws
  3. Employee contracts
  4. District 623 K-12 System Outcomes
  5. District 623 Professional Development System

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