Welcome to Parkview Center School

Parkview Center School is a Roseville K-8 school of choice
valuing High Achievement through Imagination, Innovation and Teamwork

PCS Entrance to the building

Parkview Center School is the only district wide, kindergarten through eighth grade school in the Roseville Area Schools District 623. Families living in the district, as well as in surrounding communities, choose to enroll their children at Parkview where innovation, high achievement and global education are at the heart of the school. This K-8 public school was established in 1989 and

  • Respects diversity,
  • Encourages active learning,
  • Promotes communication between school and family, and
  • Fosters interage connections.

The school's unique program attracts students from throughout the Roseville School District, as well as from St. Paul and neighboring suburbs. An "early start" school beginning the day at 7:35 am and ending at 2:00 pm, bus transportation is provided within the district boundaries. For a short summary of Parkview's Program, you can see the school's profile on Wikipedia

If interested in enrollment at Parkview Center School: The Central Enrollment Office at ISD 623 handles all current and future enrollment at Parkview Center School. An annual enrollment application timeline, followed by a lottery drawing governs access to PCS. They can be reached at 651-635-1626 or e-mail them at: enrollment@isd623.org. Their Internet web site is: http://www.isd623.org/our-district/welcome/enrollment-information.

To schedule a tour: call 651-487-4360 and Press 7.


As members of the PCS community, students will:

Know… Academic Skills “reading, writing, arithmetic”, how to analyze and evaluate information and opinions, be critical thinkers, and participate in global citizenship.

Actively… develop social, emotional, physical intercultural skills to influence positive change, communicate effectively, solve real world problems, develop strong work ethic, advocate for equity, balance freedom and responsibility, listen with understanding and utilize technology responsibly and effectively.

Be… Appreciative of Humor * Confident * Compassionate *Curious * Cooperative * Creative * Flexible * Hopeful * Involved * Resilient * Respectful * Responsible.

As an innovative school pursuing high achievement, PCS staff is committed to: Piloting new ideas using current research and data to achieve the highest academic standards; developing professional learning communities to improve student achievement; implementing multiple instructional strategies to meet the needs of our diverse learners; connecting students within classrooms, across grade levels and throughout the school to further develop a supportive learning community; developing meaningful student/teacher relationships to maximize student potential; a strong K-6 introductory Spanish language program; and a grade 7-8 Spanish language program.

As a school of choice and citizens of the world, the Parkview community will: Welcome all families, support a k-8 school, challenge ourselves to achieve the highest academic standards, nurture parent and community involvement, listen to and respecting all voices in our community (staff, parents, students), embrace the PEACE program, and engage in culturally responsive arts programs.

As a school with global education at its heart, PCS is committed to: Integrating our framework for global citizenship - PEACE - throughout our school community

  • Peace --- Promoting peace in our world. Learning to be kind to others, work together, and resolve conflict to make our world a better place.
  • Equity --- Equitable acceptance. Understanding our differences to ensure that everyone gets what they need to be successful.
  • Action --- Acting with responsibility to others, ourselves, and places. Using our talents and resources to influence positive changes in our world.
  • Community --- Community building through service learning. Creating and keeping healthy, respectful relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Environment --- Encouraging earth friendly endeavors. Making responsible choices to conserve earth's resources and protect our planet.

We Value Our Parents and Community: Parents, community members and volunteers add a tremendous value to our school by providing support for classroom learning and special events, participating in PTSA and the PCS Site Council (the only school in the district to have a parent advisory council), chaperoning field trips, and for various projects at all levels.