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October 13 - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it is a safe and happy one for you all!
September 29 - Tomorrow is Orange Shirt day in recognition and acknowledgement of the atrocities arisen from Residential Schools - please take a look at this article and engage in additional research about Truth and Reconciliation https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B70PY4Xzy9k2RkpuYWhKMmhXNE0/view?usp=sharing
September 23 - Week 4...and it's a 4-day for you! Remember periods 4 and 5 on Thursday consist of the Terry Fox Run, Pep Rally, and Football Game :)
September 16 - Start of week 3. We are really getting into the key topics of our courses now, beyond the introductory concepts. Be sure to keep an eye on upcoming due dates for assignments!
September 7 - Great first week everyone! Enjoy the weekend, and hope for nice weather for my tiny human's mermaid party :) Reminder that your mind maps are due Tuesday, September 10 before you go home for the day - just share it (through Mindomo) or hand it to me on paper.
August 28 - It was wonderful to meet some of you/see some of you again today at the Grade 9 Orientation Day!!! Enjoy these last few days of Summer vacation, and please have a safe and happy long weekend; I'll see you all on Tuesday!



HHS4C/U (Period 1)
Families in Canada
Grade 12, College/University

Canadian History
Grade 10, Academic/Foundations

HSP3C/U (Period 5)
Intro to Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
Grade 11, College/University


CHC2D (Period 1)
Canadian History
Grade 10, Academic

CHW3M (Period 2)
World Civilizations
Grade 11, College/University

HSB4U (Period 5)
Challenge and Change in Society
Grade 12, University

Note: New units will be posted in class websites 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the unit.


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Quote of the week: "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

THE MOST IMPORTANT ANSWERS TO THE MOST COMMON QUESTION: https://canpoetry.library.utoronto.ca/wayman/poem5.htm

***Find Lifehacker's five best mind-mapping tools here

***Find more Ancient Egyptian stuff here
***Link for Egyptian Dynasties here

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