YouTube in Apps

posted Jan 24, 2012, 12:32 PM by Benjamin Friesen   [ updated Jun 6, 2012, 8:07 AM ]
I've been waiting for this functionality for years.  We can now set up a classroom YouTube account that is linked to your Hopkins Apps email address.  What I like about it is I can keep my work and personal accounts separate.   I can also create a classroom channel and begin to compile clips in playlists for easy linking and sharing with my students.  YouTube is great for classroom differentiation because it allows you to compile clips on a topic to extend the learning or provide support outside of the classroom.

Stay tuned for future tips on why YouTube in Apps is a major game changer.   As always, if you have questions please contact Todd or Ben for questions.  Here are the critical steps to get your account started.

1.  Log into Apps via Moodle.
2.  More > Even More

3.  YouTube

4. Click Home (notice the orange bar indicating it is is a Hopkins account)

5. Click on My Channel

6.  Choose a channel name (examples: bfriesenwjh, friesenscience, njhfriesen).  Consider whether you want to check these the boxes.  I left them unchecked. 

7. Uncheck the boxes if you do not what to share your YouTube activities.   Check the boxes to utilize the social aspects your Hopkins YouTube account and make the experience more social and transparent. 

8. Stayed tuned for more updates, experiment and have fun.