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BOOSTER meeting-Tuesday, Sept. 27th-6:45pm in Fireside Room


Rehearsal schedule for SEPT 26-29

Monday-Sept. 26-ALL CALL-Song of Love, need Q,W for top (no m/j/l/k)
Tuesday-Sept. 27-All LEADS and Ladies-in-waiting Nat/Janine
Wednesday-Sept. 28-ALL CALL-Song of Love, S.Panic, Tappers
Thursday-Sept. 29-ALL LEADS (no ladies-in-waiting)
Friday-Sept.30- S.Panic  

***Please reserve Saturday Oct. 29th and Nov. 5th from 9:30-4:00pm--for FULL CAST rehearsals***


Minstrel............Ben Herstig

Princess No. 12......Molly Robblee

Wizard......Andy Gamble

Lady Larken....Katie Anderson

Queen Aggravain.....Rose Soumare

Prince Dauntless....Josh Freeman

King Sextumus...Luke Yourzak

Jester....Grant Cohen

Sir Studley...Matt Temael/Chorus
Sir Luce...Jaxon Parker/Chorus

1st Knight....James Gulden/chorus
2nd Knight....Oscar Wormoth/chorus
3rd Knight....Moe Antar/Chorus

1st Lady in Waiting  Rowena....Shannon Maroney/Chorus
2nd Lady in Waiting  Merrell..Maddie Whittey/Chorus
3rd Lady in Waiting   Lucille....Emily Beard/Chorus

Kitchen Wench....Madeline Bernard/Chorus
Emily....Alex Weisberg/Chorus

Sir Harry....Even Unruh-Friesen

Princess Winnifred...Olivia Gulden

Lady Mabelle....Anna Anderson/Chorus

Castle Tappers: Aerin O'Malley, Sagit Nachmias, Erin Weiss

Abbi Fine
Sophia Peifer
Shannon Maroney
Sagit Nachmias
Aerin O'Malley
Jess Noaman
Cat Saari
James Gulden
Madeline Bernard
Sam Randall
Josh Aydil
Erin Weiss
Emily Beard
Maddie Bernt
Harper Malone
Sam Buttress
Chloe Moe
Antonia Young
Alex Weisberg
Cruz Vargas
Lyim Baumgardt
Stephanie Daniels
Maria Vargas
Lola Brown
Anna Anderson
Sam Clague
London Lowenstone
Jessica Torrison
Owen Parry
Jared Witt
Molly Robblee
Matt Temael
Moe Antar
Jaxon Parker
Maddie Whittey
Amber Johnson
Oscar Wormoth

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