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CDV of the Week: #1: Life

CDV of the Week: #2: Rule of Law

CDV of the Week: #3: Pursuit of Happiness

CDV of the Week: #4: Justice

CDV of the Week: #5: Federalism

CDV of the Week: #6: Separation of Powers

CDV of the Week: #7: Checks & Balances

CDV of the Week: #8: Popular Sovereignty

CDV of the Week: #9: Patriotism

CDV of the Week: #10:  Diversity

CDV of the Week: #11: Equality

CDV of the Week: #12: Common Good

CDV of the Week: #13: Freedom of Religion

CDV of the Week: #14: Truth

Unit 1: Foundations

Essential Questions:  How can geography help us to understand regional history?  How did civilizations begin and why did some prosper?  How did world religions develop and spread over time?  How are ideals of the modern world similar to those of classical civilizations?

The goals of Unit One include the following:  

1.  Learning and applying basic geographic concepts.

2.  Identifying the characteristics of a civilization.

3.  Comparing the major religions of the world (origins,texts, sects, movement, tenants).

4.  Applying characteristics of civilization to classical world.

5.  Comparing knowledge of foundations to the modern world to see connections.


  • Michigan Social Studies-F1, F2, F3, F4, 4.1.2, 4.2.1
  • National Geography-2, 3, 6, 13A, 14 
  • Common Core-11.R.1, 11.W.1, 11.W.4, 11.W.10

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