Unit IV: World War II

The purpose of this unit is to examine the causes and the course of the war as well as the effects on the United States’ society and culture. We will review the end of World War I and how the Great Depression contributed to the rise of fascism, nationalism, and totalitarianism in Italy and Germany.  We will also explore the aggressive expansionist policies of Germany, Japan, and Italy and how they led to world war.

Then we will look at U.S. involvement and evaluate the role of the United States in fighting the war militarily, diplomatically, and technologically.  Now only will we look at American involvement on the European front but we will also study the battle in the Pacific theater.  The goals of this unit will include the following:
  • Analyze the factors contributing to World War II in Europe and in the Pacific region, and America’s entry into the war
  • Evaluate the role of the U.S. in fighting the war militarily, diplomatically, and technologically across the world
  • Analyze the changes in American life brought about the U.S. participation in World War II
  • Investigate the development and enactment of Hitler’s “final solution” policy, and the responses to genocide by the Allies, the U.S. government, international organizations, and individuals.