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Course Information

Course: English III
Teacher: Dr. Cynthia Schofield
Concept: Transformation
Block: 2nd
Location: Room 124
  • Some are Born to sweet delight,

    Some are Born to endless Night.

    - William Blake

    Auguries of Innocence

    While some people, to borrow an insight from C.S. Lewis, read to know that they are not alone, the poor read to know that they are not condemned. It is often said that children are the wealth of the poor. This was not my experience. But books are without question the wealth of the poors' children. Books are a guiding light out of the underworld, a secret passageway, an escape hatch. To the affluent, books are ornaments. To the poor, books are siege weapons.

    - Joe Queenan    (Closing Time, pg 15)

English III:  

Students in this class read novels, gain familiarity with several poets' works, write argumentative essays, stories, and poetry. They renew their previous focus on collaborative projects. They renew their previous focus on state core curriculum competencies and the Common Core.  They will prepare for the SAT and the Michigan Merit Exam in English Language Arts and for work beyond high school. 

Prerequisite: English II

Instructor's Biography:


1996 Ph.D. in English, Michigan State University

Major Emphases: Reading Theory, Composition Theory, English Education

Dissertation Topic: Chronotope in the Female Journey

1983 M.A. in Special Education - Emotionally Impaired, Western Michigan University

1981 B.A. in English, Michigan State University

Minor in Secondary Education and History


Guided Highlighted Reading: A Close-Reading Strategy for Navigating Complex Text. Maupin House Publishing, 2012.

Reading to the Core: Learning to Read Closely, Critically and Generatively to Meet Performance Tasks. Maupin House Publishing, 2013.

Schofield, Cynthia. "Man's Need to Testify,Remember, and Transcend Language." The Stones Weep: Teaching the Holocaust through a Survivor's Art. Miriam M. Brysk and Margaret G. Lincoln. East Stroudsburg PA: Gihon River Press, 2013. 123-140. Print.
  • English III

Character Education Themes - Traits for the following months: 

September: Citizenship
October: Courage

November: Responsibility
December: Diligence
January: Honesty
February: Caring
March: Pride
April: Courage
May: Leadership
June: Respect

  • Definition of Satire In literature, the ridicule of any subject – an idea, or institution, an actual person or type of person, or even mankind in general – to lower it in the reader’s ...
    Posted Feb 15, 2016, 5:32 PM by Cynthia Schofield
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"Life of Reilly" Satire assignment March 28, 2016 Task - Write a paragraph analyzing how Rick Reilly develops his satire. Topic Sentence with author's name, title of article, claim and 3 reasons (6 points) 3 Quote Sandwiches containing Claim, Quote, and Comment (9 points), Closing sentence restating claim (1 point), Transitions throughout the paragraph (3 points) Grammar punctuation and spelling (10 points) Evidence of Peer revision & comments 5 E.C. points 
Life Map Chaucer March 8, 2016 Twenty events of life and ten events of world that impacted life.... 
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