During this course, students have developed skills in many areas of Communication Technology. We have looked at the theory, methods, and software used to produce text media, audio media, graphic media, and web media. The Summative for this course will require students to use all they have learned to put together all they have learned into a single package. 

The Project Framework:

You are a young movie maker and you have a great idea for a video. Working with your friends who have a similar passion for the project, you will produce and market your independent video with the hopes of establishing yourselves as the greatest movie makers of your generation.

Your Assignment:
  1. Create a video production company with branding
  2. An elevator pitch for the video
  3. A video treatment
  4. Script and storyboard
  5. Production plan
  6. Film a video
  7. Editing and post production of video
  8. Publish your video
  9. Advertise your video (poster, radio commercial, web page)

The motivation for this assignment came from Central Huron Secondary School's YouTube Channel.