Climate Change Research Unit

One of our units in Grade 10 Science is the topic of Climate Change. Instead of the usual textbook, notes, and homework I thought we would try something different. Our unit will be completely done by students for students, of course with teacher oversight. 

We will have a couple of days of traditional classroom type lessons to ensure we understand the basic mechanisms driving Climate Change and then it will be handed over to students. We will be attempting to do this entirely online using free tools, such as, Google Docs and other web based services. Students will be researching a number of topics that can be found in our Virtual Library:
  • deforestation
  • emissions (greenhouse gases + CFC's)
  • biodiversity
  • carbon footprint
  • coral reefs
  • extreme weather
  • melting ice caps
  • desertification
  • rising sea levels and erosion
Once the research is completed they will be producing notes for the class that will function as their textbook. The writing of the notes will be done collaboratively and the revision history will be used to monitor student contributions. Instead of printing and photocopying the notes, students will be sharing them with their classmates using the share feature built into Google Docs.

Students will also be presenting their work using the Pecha Kucha format. They will have to talk to their classmates about their research. Using this format they will be limited to 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide. That means they have 6 min and 40 sec to share their research in a concise and meaningful way.

We will also be using the school's new WiFi network by allowing students to BYOD (bring your own device) to school to work on this project outside the computer lab environment. The use of technology in this manner is new to me and my students and we are looking forward to trying it out.

Mr. Fusco