Welcome to Fluvanna Middle School 

Check out our Community Hour AND Genius Hour every day     
Copies of the calendar are available in the front office or school counseling office.  Or you may contact any one of us from the counseling department and we will be happy to email you a copy of the current month.  You can even download this month's calendar from the link below. 

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LOTS of cool things happening at Fluvanna Middle School!! 
All of our related arts classes have been relocated to one central area of the building, the 300 hallway:
Art, Band, Spanish, Family and Consumer Science, Gateway to Technology, and Computer Concepts.  
What an exciting time for all of the families and children in the Fluvanna County School System.   We're very proud of all of the positive changes to our building. This past summer, there were lots of improvements to the building itself with construction crews and hard hats and busy bees getting it all ready for us to start the new year.  We even got a brand new floor in the shoebox gym and tons of upgrades to the Annex Gym.!! Our middle school home's location is:  

    3717 Central Plains Rd.
   Palmyra, VA  22963
     The Counselors'  Fax # 
                         is  434- 591-2045                                

Meet the Fluvanna Middle School Counselors
Julie Smith      5th grade counselor for 2017-2018      julsmith@apps.fluco.org 

Marcus Carter 6th grade counselor for 2017-2018     marcusc@apps.fluco.org

Lynn Jenkins   7th grade counselor for 2017-2018      ljenkins@apps.fluco.org

                                                Julie Smith, 5th Grade Counselor 
j     McClymonds-Smith, Julie Rose photo
Mrs. Smith says she loves watching how much the students grow and change
 over the years they are here at the middle school. 
Her interests outside of school include traveling with her family,
 camping, hiking, biking and cooking.  
434-510-1000 ext. 1605

                 Marcus Carter, 6th Grade Counselor
                                   Carter, Marcus Duane photo 

Coach Carter looks forward to spending time with his family.  

He is very active in his church.  

Ask him to sing for you sometime!!   His favorite quote that he 

likes to 

share with others:

Thoughts become words

Words become actions

Actions become character

Character is everything

434-510- 1000  ext  1606 

 Lynn Jenkins, 7th Grade Counselor 

Jenkins, Lynn Gladstone photo
Her favorite quote is from Carl Bard:  "Though no one can go back and make 
a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."  
Her passion is helping others.  I just hope that I can make a difference in 
the lives of our children and their families.  
Mrs. Jenkins loves college football and especially going to all 
of the Virginia Tech home games 
and tailgating with friends and family. 
She also loves spending time with her husband, 
two Great Pyrenees dogs, and her 6 yr old thoroughbred.     

434/510-1000 ext 1639 

Coleman, Tina photo

         And of course 
Tina Coleman, Guidance Secretary 
 She is the glue that holds everything together !!!!
For her, family is everything:
her husband Tom, and her two beautiful children, 
Troy and Brooke.
434-510-1000 ext 1610

The Fluvanna County School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, status of a parent, or any other legally protected status in the provision of employment services, programs, activities or treatment. The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction is designated as the responsible person (Compliance Officer) regarding assurances of nondiscrimination. Any complaint alleging discrimination based on a disability shall be directed to the Director for Special Services (the Section 504 Coordinator). Both may be reached at the following address: P.O. Box 419 , Palmyra , VA 22963 ; telephone (434) 589-8208.  The Fluvanna County School Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer.