Virtual Programs

Fluvanna County Public Schools offers online opportunities to students based on recommendation from the building principal.

Distance Learning Program
  • Provides a high school diploma program for students with talent and motivation for academic success but are unable to fulfill their goals in the traditional high school setting.  
  • Provide a course or courses for students moving to the school division from schools whose schedules are not compatible and, therefore, are unable to schedule classes in the traditional manner.
  • Provides additional courses which will allow the student to become current with the student's appropriate grade level.
  • The primary online instructional program provided through distance learning is Apex Learning.

Virtual Virginia​ is a program of the Virginia Department of Education.  Virtual Virginia (VVa) offers online Advanced Placement (AP®), world language, core academic, and elective courses to students across the Commonwealth and nation.  Virtual Virginia is committed to providing high-quality, rigorous course content with the flexibility to meet schools’ and students’ varied schedules. Our program strives to provide instruction that meets the individual needs of students.

Dual Enrollment -  Fluvanna County High School also offers students the opportunity to take a variety of online courses through Peidmont Virginia Community College and the University of Virginia.  These courses are offered to students who meet eligibility requirements.  Students are responsbile for all tuition and fees.