Math Study Tips

Study Skills for Mathematics

The following are suggestions and tips for being a successful math student. While these study skills are aimed at college students and those preparing for college, they can still be greatly beneficial and modified for high school students and anyone that wants to improve their abilities.

Time and place for studying math

  • I study math every day.
  • I try to get my math homework done immediately after class.
  • I have a specific time to study math.
  • I have a specific place with few distractions to study math.
  • I am careful to keep up-to-date with my homework.
  • I study at least eight to ten hours a week.

Study Strategies for math class

  • I read my textbook before I come to class.
  • If I have trouble understanding the text, I find an alternate text.
  • I take notes in math class.
  • I am careful to copy all the steps of math problems in my notes.
  • I ask questions when I am confused
  • I go to the instructor or tutor center when I am confused.
  • I try to determine exactly when I got confused and exactly what confused me.
  • I review my notes and text before beginning homework.
  • I work problems until I understand them, not just until I get the answer in the book.
  • I use flashcards for formulas and vocabulary.
  • I develop memory techniques to remember math concepts.

Math Tests

  • I preview the test before I begin.
  • Before I begin the test, I make notes on things such as formulas that I might need.
  • I begin with the easy questions first
  • I carefully check or rework as many problems as I have time to.
  • When tests are returned, I keep a log of the types of mistakes that I made: concept errors, application error, or careless errors, for example.
  • I keep up-to-date so I don’t have to “cram” the night before the test.


  • I believe that I can succeed in math class.
  • I have study partners in my math class.
  • I take practice tests.
  • I know several good relaxation techniques.


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