Prepping for the Quarter Change

posted Nov 4, 2011, 9:19 AM by Michael Walker
Preparing for Term 2 (Quarter 2) using copy utilities
You will need to transfer certain information used in Term 1 (grading scale, categories, custom fields, etc.) to subsequent terms in order for Grade Book to function consistently.
  1. Under “Utilities,” select “Copy Utilities.”
  2. Select the option you wish to copy.

To copy categories from term to term:
  1. Select the class in Term 1 (left side) from which you wish to copy
  2. Change “Destination Term” (right side) to Term 2.
  3. Select the courses you to which you wish to copy the categories.
  4. Click next to advance to the next screen.  
  5. Select the categories from the left that you wish to transfer to the right.  Click copy.
  6. Grade Book will now list the categories you have copied to individual classes on the right side of the screen.  If this is correct, the copy is complete.

  • Other copy utilities will work in a similar way.
  • You will need to complete this process each term (quarter).


Directions to adjust the grade scale to allow your percentages to round
As you look at final grades, you may see that the student scores are not rounding the way you would like.

Decide what you want to round to:

Go to Setup – Preferences – under Grade Calculation you will see Round Scores to and select your preference.
  1. Whole numbers:  it does bankers rounding and if you want to know what that is…ask a banker…or click on the question mark by grade calculation it gives you examples.
  2. Tenths or hundredths:   you will need to change your grade scale to account for rounding errors.   Follow these directions:
    1. Go to Setup – Define Grading Scales – Select edit grading scale as the action for whatever grade scale you are using.
    2. Edit the values to .5 lower for instance if you have a 93% as an A, retype 92.5.
    3. Continue down the whole list of grades.
    4. SAVE
    5. Choose another grading scale link at the top if you have more than one grading scale you want to change and repeat.
    6. SAVE