Technology Tools for Teachers

SMART Board Sites and Resources

Productivity Tools

Web 2PDF Turns any web page into a PDF file

Tube Chop Allows you to edit a YouTube video to show only the section you'd like to use

...a useful browser-based plug-in that provides you with the option to easily remove all the distracting material on a Web page and read just the text is a free service that enables you to quickly draw and write on any webpage. operates as a bookmarklet in your browser's bookmarks bar or toolbar. Once you have installed just click it anytime you're viewing a webpage to start drawing and commenting on that page. When you're done marking a page you can share it with others by clicking publish. Publishing creates a screen capture of the page with your drawings and comments. That screen capture is assigned its own unique url that you can direct others to

Math Tools for Teachers

Ten Marks, an online mathematics tutoring service, recently launched a free program for teachers.  Ten Marks provides educators with an online forum in which they can assign mathematics practice problems to students and track their students' progress. If a student gets stuck on a problem he or she can open a tutorial to help him or her through the problem.

Conference and Volunteer Sign Up Tools & Sites

SignUp Genius is a free and easy way to create and organize online sign-up forms for all kinds of group activities. SignUp Genius creates a simple webpage on which people can sign-up for activities that you've specified.

Create a Wish List- The National Teacher Registry is a free service for schools and teachers that enables them to create a list of the items they need for their classrooms.

Assessment Tools

QuizBreak! lets teachers easily create Jeopardy-like games for free that will be hosted online.
Testmoz is a simple service for creating and administering multiple choice tests online. Testmoz provides a unique url for the tests you create. Testmoz also provides a "pass code" that test takers have to enter. As the administrator of the tests you create you can quickly see who has taken your test and how many questions they answered correctly.

Classroom Management Tools

The Hat: Allows you to set up a set list of names and pick them randomly.

My Award Maker: Design and dowload certificates and awards

Jeopardy Templates (create your own or browse for ones already created)



Free Logo Design Add a new Logo to your classroom web page

Color Scheme Designer Helps you find colors that go together

Collaboration Outside the Classroom Walls

Skype in the Classroom, launching in December, will be a free directory of classrooms that are on Skype and are looking to connect with other classrooms. Registration is open now for those teachers who would like to be in the Skype in the Classroom directory. 

Internet Safety, Copyright and Creative Commons

Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright is a resource for kids produced by the Library of Congress. Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright is intended to help elementary school students understand the purposes and functions of copyright.  

Cure the Bullies- Online safety and cyber bullying prevention game for kids from 8-12 years old.

Like Google & Wolfram Alpha?  Try Goofram that will give you Google & Wolfram Alpha results side by side!

You can register for Voki for Classrooms here. It will give you an Adds Free Voki account.

Technology Training Videos & Resources

Watch free technology training videos!Get help and answer your computer and gadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons of different applications. Do's and Don'ts of Online Forums
...a useful list of clear guidelines for students as they collaborate in online forums and some examples of strong sentence starters