Social Studies

Playing History: Social Studies Online Games
America on the Move helps build chronology skills and change over time
On this Day- historic events each day
Time Search is a good general resource for history teachers and students. Simply enter a year, press "go" and you're shown a list of significant events that happened in that year.

Constitute Project - Compare and search constitutions in the world. 

The JFK Timeline is an interactive timeline Kennedy's presidency. The timeline features cultural and world events as well as US political events.

The National Civil Rights Museum’s Before the Boycott eLearning activity invites students to travel back in time and take on the role of a school newspaper reporter assigned to ride the Montgomery, Alabama bus system in 1955.

Learn about different Holidays

Maps, Globes and Geography
City Data is a free directory of statistics about US Cities
SHOW/World: Choose a subject and watch the globe change based on data
Zoom into Maps offers hundreds of historical maps—maps showing European exploration of the Americas; migration, population and economic activity; the growth of roads, railways, canals, river systems, telephone systems, telegraph routes and radio coverage; landforms, recreational and wilderness areas; troop movements, battle routes and campsites during major U.S. military conflicts; and more.
FreePoverty is a geography game that allows participants to contribute in donating water to people all over the world who live in extreme poverty.
Frontier Alaska Game: Think you've got what it takes to survive in the Alaska Wilderness? 
Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms Each map is accompanied by lesson plans written for four grade levels and designed to support a variety of social studies, history, and geography curricula.
Goby lets users explore different areas around the world and makes lists of places they’d like to visit.
Interactive Maps: (Shepard Software) Differentiated interactive maps physical geography, capitals and other geographic features. 
Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms has historic maps as well as lesson plans to accompany them.

Environmental Games

Timeline Tools
Timelines is a neat tool that lets users contribute towards making “timelines” of historical events with text, photos, and videos.

HSTRY - Create and explore interactive timelines 

US Census
Census Lesson Plan for ESL Students
The US Census will begin in March, 2010. This site includes "lesson plans, maps, teaching guides, and other informational materials to help teachers and students learn about the importance of the Census".

My American Farm is a website produced in part by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The purpose of the site is to help students develop their knowledge of agriculture through online games. There are thirteen games that students can play for free. Each game addresses a set of math, science, and or social studies standards related to agriculture. Teachers can see the list of standards that correspond to each game by accessing this reference sheet  available through the educators' resources page ofMy American Farm.


Unit: Citizenship: Government 4th Grade


African American History
Our Shared History: African American Heritage tells about the Underground Railroad, African Americans in the Civil War, historic places of the civil rights movement, the Delta blues of the Lower Mississippi Valley and landmarks dedicated to Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr and Frederick Douglass.

The Voices of Civil Rights Web site features a searchable online archive of selected stories submitted by people from every corner of the country and from all walks of life. There are also interactive features, essays, interviews and special reports.


Newsweek Resources on Black History Month
A slideshow titled 
Memorable people and moments in black history.

Woman's History

US History Links

US History Videos The American Journey Modern Times video library provides videos that could be used short introductions or reviews of eras and concepts in US History

“Discover The Real George Washington” is a brand-new and very engaging interactive timeline from Mount Vernon.

This interactive site from Warner Brothers is a fun way for students to learn about the U.S. presidents. Starting in the lobby, students can explore the White House by clicking on one of the doors or choose a specific room by clicking on a map. They can also add their vote in an Online Poll, participate in a Virtual Press Conference, fill in a Crossword  Puzzle based on the presidents and take a Constitution Quiz.

Journey to America From Ellis Island to Orchard Street, an online exhibition produced by the Tenement Museum, allows students to play the role of an immigrant to New York City in 1916.

Links about Washington DC

Visit the White House with this interactive White House Tour

American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement: A Digital Library and Learning Center

Teaching With Documents lesson plansorganize primary documents into key periods of U.S. history: the Revolution, expansion and reform, the Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization, the emergence of modern America, the Great Depression and World War II, postwar United States and contemporary United States.

Picturing America is an interactive gallery of artwork related to events, people, and themes in American history. You can browse the gallery chronologically or by theme. Click on any image in the gallery to learn about the artist and the artwork itself. Along with the background information for each image, Picturing America provides links to additional resources for learning about the artwork and artists.

10 US History Google Earth Tours: The list includes the Revolutionary War, the path to the Civil War, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis & Clark's expedition, the Indian Removal Act, Pre-Columbian North America, the national parks system, and the 20th Century power grid.

American Revolution Sites
The American Revolution Center is the online home of an organization that houses many artifacts of that time in U.S. History. Their interactive timeline is especially engaging.

American Revolution Teaching American History has a series of interactive lessons about the American Revolutionthat are suitable for middle school and elementary school use.

Picturing America is a site sponsored by the National Endowment For The Humanities, and it’s quite impressive. It has an interactive gallery of historical images, and provides lesson plans that include some pretty good ideas on how to use them.

Native American History

We Shall Remain is a new PBS mini-series on Native American history. You can watch the episodes for free online, and it also offers an excellent teacher’s guide.

Learn About the Wampanoag Culture

World History Links

World Digital Library, a Web site that features unique cultural materials from libraries and archives around the world.