Sharing Docs and Forms in Edina Apps

Something that has been happening lately and is annoying is that Docs and Forms are not sharing they way they should be.  For example, you have a public syllabus in your apps account and you are getting emails from people saying they cannot access it unless they login.  Another example is you send out the link to a public form and people are asked to log in. 

I don't know why this is happening and we'll work on it but in the meantime please follow these instructions and spread the word.  

1.  If the link to your public document looks like this...
document/d/14iT-NDEIf0Sp6ZZkMEqhlp4gMzMlBtjJ7i7PTUipCp0/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CLmW2v8K means that you are grabbing the URL from the top of the page.  You need to grab the URL to share from the sharing settings box...

...delete the red portion.  This part of the link is making it "sticky" and making the doc think it has different sharing status.  If you delete this it should work as intended.  Please check it in another browser where you are not logged in to double check everything works.  

2.  It has also been happening with forms.  Notice the red box highlighting the a/ at the bottom of the screenshot.  If you intend the form to be public and the a/ "sticks" then you can delete that part the URL when you email the link should act as it is supposed to.  Please test in a second browser.   You should also make sure the check boxes at the top of the edit form box are unchecked.  If you change the status while editing the a/ might stick causing headaches.  To correct this issue make sure you set the viewing preferences (checkboxes) where you want them and then hit the refresh arrow in your browser (yellow circle) while in the edit form mode.  If you do this it should work the way it ought to.  Please check your links on a second browser where you are not logged in to test.

It will happen.  Now you know.