Where should I post my Screencasts?

There are options for posting your screencasts.  Please click on the tool that you are using to learn how to post your videos.

Suggested Tool for Edina Teachers

Recommendation - whatever tool you use we recommend using one that you can download the video file - and then upload it to the destination of your choice.

First - download the video file to your computer - P or H Drive
Second - Choose where you want the video to live - where you are going to upload the video to...keep in mind you can do both.
  • Google Drive
    • Record your Screencast and save the video file to your desktop
    • Go to Google Drive through Edina Apps
    • In Google Drive, click on Upload and find your video.
    • Once the video has been uploaded, click on it to see your video.
    • To share your video, click on the blue share button on the top right corner.
    • Share your video with individual people by adding them in the Invite people box or click on the blue word Change to set the sharing settings so that "Anyone with the link" and then below it should say "Can View."
    • When you click on Done you will see a URL that you can copy and past into an email or post on a website for people to view.
  • Ecademy
    • Option1: Safari Montage - this makes the video only viewable to people in Edina Schools or anyone you give the link to
    • Option 2: Safari Montage and then published to Ecademy - Public to the world and on the Ecademy site

  • YouTube
    • You create a YouTube Channel
    • You can have the settings Public, Anyone with the Link (Unlisted) or Private