How do I create a Screencast?

  1. Gather your resources (electronically) so you have everything up on your screen that you will need for your recording.
  2. Digital Writing Tool?  Will you need to make any pen strokes or write on top of any of your documents?  Using SMART Notebook or ActiveInspire is a good blank document for any type of lesson where you will need to do any writing.
  3. Audio- You will need to find a microphone to connect to your computer so that you can record your voice with the screencast
  4. Use an intro slide to introduce your screencast  - Ecademy Intro Slide
  5. Choose a screencasting tool (found below) and practice recording a few things.  
    • Screencastomatic is the recommended tool for Edina Teachers
    • Go to Screencastomatic and create an account.
    • You will also need to update your java on your computer.
  6. Begin recording.  Make sure you have a plan for what you are going to say, when you are going to pause for student work and when you are going to finish.
  7. Click Done 
  8. Follow these directions to save the file and upload it to
  9. Link the screencast to your classroom Moodle or Google Site
  10. Email Molly with your new screencast.
    • Molly is keeping track of all the screencasting happening in Edina and archiving it on Ecademy website.