October Links 2010

Curriculum Links

Maine Forest Service has an animated video explaining why leaves change colors.


Help Kids Love Words!  These websites are great to use with students in the lab or on interactive white boards.
Snappy Words is a free visual dictionary and thesaurus. Enter any word or phrase into the Snappy Words search box and it will create a web of related words, phrases, and definitions.
Wordquest is a new site from PBS where beginning readers can learn new vocabulary and practice phonics in a fun way. Users can join a “team” or just play as a guest


Online Writing: This online resource teaches kids how to create online a brochure, newspaper, flyer or booklet.  The formatting is already done. The Guide is a simple tutorial.  It would be easy for kids to use (at home too).  One drawback: you can’t upload pictures.  A space is reserved for the pictures but you draw/glue a picture after you print it.

Social Studies

Picturing America is an interactive gallery of artwork related to events, people, and themes in American history. You can browse the gallery chronologically or by theme. Click on any image in the gallery to learn about the artist and the artwork itself. Along with the background information for each image, Picturing America provides links to additional resources for learning about the artwork and artists. 

10 US History Google Earth Tours: The list includes the Revolutionary War, the path to the Civil War, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis & Clark's expedition, the Indian Removal Act, Pre-Columbian North America, the national parks system, and the 20th Century power grid.

Environmental Games

Science Websites

Around The Solar System is an incredible collections of photos by The Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” blog.

Ocean Portal- everything about our Earth's Ocean

BBC Earth Explorer- images and videos about Planet Earth.

Life Is- a site from the BBC that shows the extraordinary things animals and plants do

Art Sites

Get Smart About Art
Admission is
free at the Smart Museum, where your students will be welcomed by the smARTkids, four students of upper-elementary and middle-school age. When students click on the girl at the left, she takes them to meet an artist, visit a studio and see some great art. The boy next to her shows students different ways to look at art and how to tell a story using art.

Click Here to Visit Behind the Scenes focuses on the workers’ perspective, be it the artists, their assistants or performers.
Click Here to Visit Tate Shots presents videos about modern and contemporary art in general, including a selection of films by artists in their collection, documentation of public programs and artist interviews.
Click Here to Visit ArtTube features videos about art and design.
Click Here to Visit ArtBabble founded by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, shows a selection of art videos produced by various arts organizations and is becoming the most important public online database for free art-related videos.

Picturing America is a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association. Picturing America is an interactive gallery of artwork related to events, people, and themes in American history.

Muro is a free tool that allows you to create original drawings containing multiple layers, backgrounds, and brush stroke styles.

New! Edina Apps Resources

Google Docs Video Resources

Google Launches a Family Safety Center
The Family Safety Center introduces parents to and shows them how to use Google's safety tools including safe search, safe search lock, and YouTube's safety mode. Google has partnered with a number of child safety organizations to develop educational materials for dealing with topics like cyberbullying, strangers online, protecting personal information, and avoiding malware online.

At Google, we support the education of families on how to stay safe online. That's why we've teamed up with online safety organization iKeepSafe to develop curriculum that educators can use in the classroom to teach what it means to be a responsible online citizen.

The curriculum is designed to be interactive, discussion filled and allow students to learn through hands-on and scenario activities. On this site you'll find a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation

Lessons (workshops) include:

  • Detecting Lies and Staying True
  • Playing and Staying Safe Online
  • Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks

Brain Pop Resources for October

Brain Pop Curriculum Calendar- Shows all Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. movies for the month.



Username and Password can be found in the O:Drive>Technology>Brain Pop

New! Keyboarding Site

Good Typing is a free online typing skill development program. Good Typing provides 27 graduated lessons designed to help students learn to use their entire keyboards correctly.

Typing Web offers beginner through advanced typing lessons for free. You can register to track your progress or you can use Typing Web without registering. 

Tux Type is a fun, open source, program designed to help young students learn touch typing skills. Students can play a variety of games which increase in difficulty as a student's skills improve.

If you're looking for something for a typing program that doesn't require software installation try the program from Sense Language. The program is web based, but is also available for use offline.

Power Typing hosts a small collection of five typing games that students can use to develop their typing skills.


Teacher Tools

Smilebox Premium Account for Teachers

The Smilebox Teacher’s Toolbox program is a teacher’s digital companion for creative classroom communication. Teacher’s Toolbox gives teachers at all grade levels an easy and creative way to safely share photos, videos, and classroom updates to students and parents.  

Apply for a FREE Premium account because you are a teacher!  Apply here!  

Molly’s Summer 2010 SMILEBox Example of a Collage

Create photo-personalized blog headers, newsletters, desk name tags, and class photo frames. It’s as easy as dragging photos into our back to school 


Dotty Dots- Write a fun message in bubbles that the kids can play with.  Great for a Welcome message on an Interactive White board!

The Week in Rap (okay for kids!) 

The Week in Rap produced by Flocabulary is a free weekly rap video recapping the week's biggest news stories. The Week in Rap is back for the 2010-2011 school year. The first video of the new school year came out today. This week's video is a recap of the summer's biggest stories.

Study flashcards online or mobile and pass your exams. CoboCards.

Tagxedo (like wordle, but so much cooler!)turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning tag cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.
Example of Obama's Back to School Speech...