November 2011


Science of NFL Football is a 10-part video series created by NBC Learn in partnership with the National Football League (NFL). Featuring exclusive footage and contributions from NFL players and scientists from the National Science Foundation, the series helps teach students concepts such as nutrition, kinematics and projectile motion.  
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Grab the Scuba Gear and Go on a Virtual Dive 
Summer may be over, but your students can still explore the underwater world of coral reefs. At the Chicago Field Museum’s WhyReef site, students will learn the signs of a healthy reef and find out what can make it sick. They’ll swim with the different creatures that live in and around a coral reef and play WhyReef’s food web game to find out who eats whom on a reef. Encourage students to dive into WhyReef at different times of the day. They never know when a great white shark or a giant sea turtle might swim by! 
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Plus: Visit the WhyReef YouTube Channel for instructional videos on how to use WhyReef in your classroom. You can also download theWhyReef Educator Guide from the WhyReef site.
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Social Studies

Topics include History, Nature, Puzzles, Science, Parks, Animals and People

Stay Safe Online

Google Good to Know is a new site that helps you to understand how to stay safe online.  It talks through good passwords, what information to provide online and much more.  Take a peak to learn more about how the internet collects information from you and how to stay safe from malicious material online.


Mobile Learing


Flat Stanley 

Flat Stanley, the beloved children's story turned world-wide literacy project has gone mobile.  The new Flat Stanley app allows students to easily create their own Flat Stanley photo on the go and share it with users around the world.  There are stock Stanley and Stella characters and users can edit them as they see fit before inserting them into a live image.  There is a wall of fame where you can see the most favorited pictures, and even see where if pictures were taken around you.  With strong privacy settings, this is a great app even the youngest learners.  Flat Stanley is now Available on iPhone/iPod Touch as a Free Download

Create cheat sheets for students

Snaplr reminds me a bit of Jing without the video option. With Snaplr installed you can capture all or part of your screen. Snaplr's annotation tools include text boxes, highlighting, and free-hand drawing tools. When you've finished creating your annotated screen capture you can save it as a PNG file or attach it to an email message in Outlook. 


Search, Save and Share Multimedia Resources
PBS LearningMedia is a free multimedia portal featuring photos, maps, videos and more—all in one place—along with lesson plans provided by national nonprofits, such as NOVA, NASA, the Library of Congress and the National Archives. The portal’s content library covers the core curriculum across mathematics, science, reading/language arts, social studies, health/physical education as well as world languages. PBS LearningMedia also features a free set of tools that allows teachers and students to utilize the content easily (search, save, share).
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Video Editing

WeVideo is a free web-based video editing program that lets students and teachers upload video and photos to the WeVideo media library. This library can be shared or private, which is great for classroom projects. Users can add titles, effects, animation, music, narration and more to create their own video story. WeVideo makes it easy to share a video story or publish the finished video to a social-networking or video-sharing website. This looks to be a rather full-featured and well designed video editing option that is similar to Creaza or the recently departed JayCut, but with the collaborative media library as a big plus! Check out We Video here...