June Links 2010

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Curriculum Links

ShmoopLively Learning Guides by Experts & Educators
Take a look through many different topics of study guides on a variety of English and History topics.  Probably geared more towards older students, but it is worth a look!


Social Studies
City-data- Gives you detailed information on any city

If It Was My Home is a simple site that allows you to quickly compare the current size of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to your city, county, state, or country.


The Secret Millionaires Cluba new animated series inspired by the teachings of Warren Buffett, develops students’ financial literacy through a series of webisodesonline games and other activities.


Sites for Specialists


The World in Musical Instruments- A Wall Street Journal Slideshow

 Video Resources

 Spotlight: Weird Science. With topics from Aliens, Giant Squid, and Carnivorous Plants to Bats, Nanotechnology, and even Boogers, this is the perfect resource for scientifically curious students - and grown-ups! BrainPOP Jr. topics include Fossils, Camouflage, and Ocean Habitats. Curious about the impact an oil spill can have on marine life? Do the Spotlight's experiment and find out!

Spotlight: Ancient Cultures. Visit the Roman Republic, the Great Wall of China, and Mesoamerica. Meet the Sumerians and the Incans. Discuss the Odyssey with Homer, and more! K-3 students can tour Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. Head to BrainPOP Educators for three lessons based on the Spotlight's content. 

June 5: Show our Humans and the Environment movie and BrainPOP Jr.'s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle movie; it's World Environment Day.
 June 6: Travel back in time to 1944 Normandy with our World War II movie, on the anniversary of D-Day. And, author Cynthia Rylant celebrates a birthday today. Show BrainPOP Jr.'s Cynthia Rylant movie and talk about the writer's work.
 June 8: Sail the seven seas on World Oceans Day with our Oceans movie.
 June 11: Score big points with our Soccer movie and mark the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
 June 12: Remember Anne Frank on her birthday with our Anne Frank movie.
 June 14: On his birthday, introduce military leader and counterculture icon Che Guevara with our Che Guevara movie. It's also Flag Day; let BrainPOP Jr.'s U.S. Symbols movie tell the class more.
 June 18: All you need is love - and our movie on The Beatles - to celebrate Paul McCartney's birthday.
 June 19: In various states across the U.S., "Juneteenth" marks the 1865 abolition of slavery in Texas. Dig deeper with BrainPOP's Slavery movie and BrainPOP Jr.'s Harriet Tubman movie. 
 June 20: It's Father's Day! Honor Dad and all your roots with BrainPOP's Heridity movie.
 June 21: Welcome summer with BrainPOP's Solstice and Equinox movie and BrainPOP Jr.'s Seasons movie.
 June 25: Revisit Custer's Last Stand on the anniversary of the Battle of Bighorn. Our American Indians movie leads the way. 
 June 27: Explore the life and work of Helen Keller, born today in 1880, with our Helen Keller movie.
 June 28: It happened today in Sarajevo ... in 1914. Get the facts about "the war to end all wars" with our World War I movie.
 June 30: On Meteor Day, our Asteroids movie is out of this world.
♦  July 1: Watch our Civil War movie on the anniversary of the famed Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1-3 in 1863. 
♦  July 2:  Today in 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Explore the subject with our movies on Civil Rights (BrainPOP) and, on BrainPOP Jr., Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.
♦  July 4: Happy birthday, United States! Celebrate and make fireworks with our Declaration of Independence movie.
♦  July 14: Vive la France! Celebrate Bastille Day with our French Revolution movie.
♦  July 18: Honor Nelson Mandela on his birthday with our Apartheid movie.
♦  July 19: Rock the vote, ladies! The Seneca Falls Convention began today in 1848. Learn about what that led to with our Women's Suffrage movie.
♦  July 20: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did the original "moonwalk" today in 1969. Hear the story with our movies on the Apollo Project and the Moon.
♦  July 24: Pioneering aviatrix Amelia Earhart was born today in 1897. You too can fly high with our Amelia Earhart movie. Also born today (in 1783) was Simon Bolivar. Explore the role of this Venezuelan leader - "the Great Liberator" - in our Simon Bolivar movie.  

Teacher Highlight

Resource Used: Prezi

Project: End of the Year Reflection
CS- 5th Grade- Sweeney

CS- 5th Grade- Deyoung

CC- 4th Grade- Purdy

Other Examples:

Want to try a project like this?

Shout Out!
Mark Wallace at HL just completed this Fractured Fairy Tales video project with his kids.  Take a look!

Just for Fun Links!

The Origami Club, I think, may be the best site on the web for origami instructions. Both a diagram and animation is provided for each model, and they’re divided into leveled activities.

General Electric has a neat interactive graphic that shows the annual cost of using many different kinds of home appliances. It’s even broken down by state.

TED Talks ranked by engagement

Cosketch...this online tool allows one or more users to create an online sketch in real-time; no registration is needed and the image can be embedded in a blog or Web site with the included code

Here is a selection of the most popular websites of 2009 that you stumbled and shared with your friends. 

Reference Links

Compfight Search for copyright-friendly photos and icons

Technology Tools

Free SMART Board Training! James Hollis, author of Teachers Love SMART Boards, is currently offering a free training course through his Teacher Online Training site. The course is titled Notebook Technique - Magic Slider. The course is delivered through twelve video tutorials divided into four sections.

...create your own online "bulletin board" with notes, photos, and much more with this collaborative tool; share with others and allow them to add their own information