January Links of the Month

Curriculum Links


Social Studies
Influential Americans: PBS They Made America

City Data is a free directory of statistics about US Cities. 

The Minnesota Zoo has some fun activities and games that students can use to learn about tigers and wolves.

Shake, Rattle and Slide is an exceptional interactive from the University of Illinois Extension focused on volcanoes, earthquakes and glaciers.


The best math practice site for all grades! This site breaks down all the math skills for each grade and provides sample practice questions for each skill.  A must see!

All Subjects
Jeopardy Templates (create your own or browse for ones already created)
Video Resources

Brain Pop
Spotlight: Book Month
January 8: Elvis' Birthday
January 11: Amelia Earhart flew solo from Hawaii to CA
January 15: MLK, Jr. Birthday
January 17: Ben Franklin Birthday
January 27; Holocaust Remembrance Day- Holocaust, Anne Frank
January 29: Happy Birthday Oprah!
January 30: The New Deal movie on Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday
January 31: Jackie Robinson's Birthday
February 4: Rosa Parks' Birthday Civil Rights Movie
February 8: Happy Super Bowl...Football Movie

Watchknow.org: Videos for kids to learn from!  Created by the founder of Wikipedia.

Open Culture: The best cultural and educational media on the web- usually a new interesting video each day.

Reference Links

Technology Training Videos: twitter, jing, moodle, podcasting, wikis, blogs, delicious and more!

Copyright Lesson Plans...a series of lesson plans, arranged by grade level and subject area, to support the teaching of copyright in the classroom

Sites for Specialists

Curious Corner is a new interactive space on The Art Institute of Chicago Web site. Children (aged 3–12) can explore and learn about art from around the world through dynamic and entertaining interactive stories.

Musicovery is a music-streaming site with an interface that works like a soundboard for adjusting your robot DJ’s musical taste. Sliders dial the mood from dark to positive and the tempo from fast to slow, while boxes allow you to check genres, including everything from funk to classical.
Teacher Highlight

Resource Used: Scratch

Teacher: Purdy- 4th Grade- CC
Link to Project: Solar System Study

Teacher: Plasch- 5th Grade (gifted)- CC
Link to Project: Animation of Book Club Book
Other Examples using Scratch:
Animation of a How To Paragraph- Dunning/Blachowiak- 5th
Want to try a project like this?
I would love to come and teach your class about SCRATCH. 
1. E-mail Molly with your idea for Scratch
2. Schedule 3 lab times for 45 minutes and make sure you schedule Molly for those times as well

Just for Fun Links!

MovieClips has thousands of short video clips from moviesWhat makes it a real winner is that that clips are categorized by theme, character, setting, mood, and more. They’re incredibly detailed.

Free Logo Design Add a new Logo to your classroom web page

Color Scheme Designer Helps you find colors that go together

Some sites that review our decade:

The decade in news photographs is from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

MSNBC has The Decade In Pictures.

The Decade In Pictures From The Financial Times.

Newsweek has a huge site called The Decade In Rewind.

The End Of The Decade is a neat interactive timeline from ABC News.

The Associated Press also has a nice interactive timeline.

The British newspaper The Guardian has a large site on the decade, including a short slideshow

Pictures of the decade: conflict, war and terrorist attacks
 comes from the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Documenting The Decade from The New York Times will be a great site in a few days. They’ve been soliciting photo contributions from readers to help pick the five most important moments of the decade