January 2011

Curriculum Links

Dare to Compare invites your students to test their knowledge against other students around the world. Students simply select a grade and subject (civics, economics, geography, history, math or science) and the number of questions they want to see (more than 600 are currently in the database). Then they click the button Show Questions and see how their responses compare. 


Issuu, an online digital publishing platform that allows for amazing presentation of all types of material including newsletters, magazines, catalogs, or similar publications. 

Build an Imaginary City as the setting for your writing story!

Interactive ESL Grammar Games comes from ESL Games. In addition, they have a ton of other games on the site.


Online Egg Timer is a simple website offering three countdown timers on one screen.

Yummy Math is a website designed for the purpose of sharing mathematics problems and scenarios based on things happening in the world today.


The Science of Football is a series of ten videos from NBC Learn explaining and demonstrating math and science concepts as they relate to football. 

“Science Of Everyday Life” is a neat interactive timeline of inventions, and comes from Discovery Education.

Social Studies

takes students on a journey through American history from the Colonial period to World War II. Students can also write their own journals about what they have learned.

Cairo: Living Past, Living Future is an interactive Web unit designed specifically with K–12 students and educators in mind.

Need in Deed: Connecting the Classroom with the Community provides activities andresources that encourage classrooms where “students apply academics to real-life problems—asking questions, conducting research and working together.”


The Street: World Music.  This is a neat interactive learning journey from BBC radio where students can learn about other countries and cultures through music.  The Street features five families from five different countries including India, Ireland, Brazil, Turkey, and Nigeria.  In each house students can learn more about the country, instruments, musicians, religion, and food from the country.  Students have plenty of opportunities to listen to the music.

New Web Tools Book for Educators

The Supoer Book Educators Web Tools is a wonderful free resource brought to you by Richard Byrne (Free Technology 4 Teachers). This is a compilation of resources from a number of well known super educators.

Digital Storytelling Resources

The Vimeo Video School is a collection of how-to lessons for videographers by videographers.

Helpful Tech Links for Primary kids or Parents

Google just released a whole slue of videos to help Teach Parents Tech.  Forward it on to any parent you need to help...or have the kids in primary watch these great videos that show you "How to Copy & Paste"  I've already sent it to my parents!

Help Teach Kids About Internet Safety

A new, free digital literacy curriculum helps to teach fourth- and fifth-graders how to use the Internet responsibly. The curriculum was produced by Common Sense Media, which has a similar curriculum for middle school students that is being used by about 10,000 schools nationwide. The curriculum includes a focus on Internet and security, privacy and responsible digital behavior; and uses print, video and interactive components as well as real-life stories to deliver lessons on the subjects. Cyberbullying is a major focus of the curriculum, which is based on ethics findings of the GoodPlay Project from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
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New!  Improvements to Edina Apps

Hello Google Apps user, 

Your Google Apps account has been successfully transitioned to function more like a full Google Account! To get started, please sign out and sign back in after reading this message. 

What this change means for you: 

Access to many more Google products. You will now be able to use most Google products with your apps.edina.k12.mn.us accounts. For a sample, see our list of products. 

New sign in option. You can now sign in to Google services from the regular sign-in pages (like http://mail.google.com). Make sure to enter your full apps.edina.k12.mn.us email address when signing in. Learn more 

Data ownership. All data contained in apps.edina.k12.mn.us Google Apps accounts continues to be owned by your organization, and is subject to apps.edina.k12.mn.us's terms and conditions. Learn more 

Common issues: 

Using multiple accounts. After the conversion, the process to sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously in your browser (What is a browser?) will change. Learn more 

Offline support for certain Google products aren't currently available. Learn more 

Still have questions or need more help? 

Schedule an appointment with Molly and she'll walk you through some of the new improvements!

How to schedule an appointment with Molly 


The Google Apps Team

Want to Know How Twitter Works

“Mom, This Is How Twitter Works — Not Just For Moms” is a great visual and text explanation of how Twitter works.