Google Drive Introduction

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not sync or download anything called Google Drive.  We are using ONLY the web based version of Google Drive and you should never DOWNLOAD anything called Google Drive.  ~Thanks!

Learn more about Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Drawings

 Google Docs

Google Sheets 

Google Forms

 Google Slides

New! February 2013

The “Create” menu in Google Drive has a new look. This change allows for easier access to Drive apps and third party apps.
The template gallery is no longer in the create menu but you have to use this work flow to get to the Template Gallery
  • To create a new file from a template, open the appropriate editor (Docs, Sheets or Slides) 
  • Click on File > New > From template. 
  • This functionality has been removed from the new “Create” menu.

 Organizational differences between
Google Drive and Google Docs
 How to create folders and
organize Google Drive

Google Drive Resources
Google Drive Helpful Hints
Google Drive Overview

Recorded Training February 9, 2012

Recorded Training February 22, 2012 (27 minutes)
Google Drive views

Google Docs 101- Overview
Google Docs 202- Sharing and Collaborating
  • Sharing Settings on Google Docs
  • Collaborating on Google Docs
  • Activity #2
    • Real time editing
    • Chat
    • Comments
    • Revision history
Google Docs 303- Organizing
  • Organization of Google Docs
  • Search
  • Collections
  • Sharing Collections
  • Activity #3 
    • Search
    • Starred
    • Create a collection
    • Share a collection
    • Nested collections
    • Collections shared with me
    • Documents in more than one collection

Other Google Drive Resources
Search, sort, and preview
Folders and Sharing Folders
  • Creating a Folder
  • Adding Documetns to a Folder
  • Sharing a Folder
PROBLEM!  I can't edit Google Docs on my iPad!
Solution!  Using the Google Drive App on your iPhone or iPad
PROBLEM!  Google Docs isn't working correctly or staying connected
Solution! Use the Browser Google Chrome
PROBLEM!  I can't find my documents in Google Drive
Solution! Create Folders and Search for Documents
PROBLEM!  I have two Google Accounts and can't keep them straight
Solution! Use the multiple sign in for Google Chrome

Cheat Sheet on Organizing Google Drive

Using and Accessing Edina's Calendars
Published School Calendars
Subscribing to School Calendars
  • In your Edina Apps Google Account
  • In your Edina Outlook Account
  • In your iCalendar (Apple)
  • On your iOS Device (iPad and iPhone)
  • On your Android Phone