February Links of the Month


Curriculum Links

ABC Fast Phonics is a pretty good site for beginning readers to reinforce their understanding of phonics.

America Writes for Kids! you can search for information about authors and their books alphabetically or by state.

Groove To English has quite a few different activities for English Language Learners, and it looks pretty good. They’re divided into sections, including vocabulary, writing, and listening.

Social Studies
Journey to America From Ellis Island to Orchard Street, an online exhibition produced by the Tenement Museum, allows students to play the role of an immigrant to New York City in 1916.

Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms. This resource for K-12 teachers and students developed by the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library is designed to bring historically significant map documents into your classroom. Inside are high quality images of historic map documents that illustrate the geographical dimensions of American history.  Each map is accompanied by lesson plans written for four grade levels and designed to support a variety of social studies, history, and geography curricula.

From the National Museum of American History, America on the Move helps students build chronology skills, develop a better understanding of change over time and discover how transportation has impacted the growth of American commerce, communities, landscape and people.

The American Revolution Center is the online home of an organization that houses many artifacts of that time in U.S. History. Their interactive timeline is especially

Go Inside the Brain
The Secret Life of the Brain presents a history of efforts to understand the brain, a three-dimensional tour of the brain, optical illusions and an animation showing how magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) works.

The World Book at Nasa: We are proud to present a group of articles from World Book encyclopedia on the NASA Web site. NASA and World Book are working together to provide World Book content with information about space and Earth science, aeronautics and space exploration subjects.

Did you miss this one last month?  Make sure to take a look...HEY...send it on to parents...it's GREAT!
The best math practice site for all grades! This site breaks down all the math skills for each grade and provides sample practice questions for each skill.  A must see!

Integrate Mathematical Thinking into Other Contexts
Based at the University of Cambridge in the UK, the NRICH Project offers thousands of free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for students (aged 5 to 19) and teachers. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem solving and mathematical thinking skills. The Web site is updated with new material on the first day of every month.

All Subjects
odosketch- an on screen drawing tool - great for a SMART board.  Colored pencils and a blank page...kids create the rest!

Digital Storytelling:  A great video explaining what digital storytelling is, storyboarding ideas, software examples, rubrics for evaluating and Web 2.0 tools and links.  Really an amazing resource on Digital Storytelling.

Video Resources

Brain Pop
Feb 2: Groundhog Day...Winter Holidays Movie
Feb 4: Rosa Parks Birthday
Feb 7: Superbowl Football Movie
Feb 7: Charles Dickens Birthday
Feb 11: Inventors's Day George Washington Carver Movie and Thomas Edison Move
Feb 12: Start of 2010 Winter Olympics: Olympics Move and Charles Darwin's Birthday
Feb 14: Valentines Day Human Heart Movie and Human Heart Brain Pop Jr.
Feb. 15: President's Day: Abe Lincoln Movie
Feb 22: George Washington's Birthday: George Washington Movie 1 and George Washington Movie Brain Pop Jr.


Google Resources

Reference Links

Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) over 45 databases available to Minnesotans, especially K12 teachers and students. 

Educational Technology Blogs to follow

Free Clip Art Site: Use the camera in SMART or InterWrite to add free clip art to your lessons

Sites for Specialists

odosketchan on screen drawing tool - great for a SMART board.  Colored pencils and a blank page...kids create the rest!

Harcourt has an excellent Multimedia Art Glossary that provides audio support for the text in addition to visual images.

Matisse For Kids is an online interactive from the Baltimore Museum of Art.  It’s accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners and, even though it doesn’t have audio support, is a very engaging guide to artist Henri Matisse’s work and art in general.

The Art of Storytelling is a site from the Delaware Art Museum that allows you pick a painting, write a short story about it, record it with your computer microphone, and email the url address for posting on a student website or blog. It’s extraordinarily simple, and extraordinarily accessible to any level of English Language Learner.  No registration is required.


KissTunes is a great web tool that lets you make some music and lets you give it a name and describe it. Then, you get a url address for your creation where others can then leave comments. You don’t even need to register! I’m definitely adding KissTunes to The Best Online Sites For Creating Music.

Using Songs In The English Classroom by Hans Mol, a teacher in Australia, is a short article that was  published in Humanising Language Teaching Magazine.  It gives a very good overview of different language-development activities that can be done with music.

English Child Songs has a ton of ….children’s songs in English that are sung with animation, and also show the lyrics.

Teacher Highlight

Resource Used:  Google Maps
Your students can create a personalized map catered to your project or unit of study.  These 4th grade students created a map of their State's Research Project.  Click on any of the bubbles to learn more about the state.

Project: State Research Project

Other Examples:
Want to try a project like this?
Contact Molly!  I'd love to teach you and your students how to create a Google Map!

Just for Fun Links!

Random Die roller

Random Coin flipper