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SMART Notebook 11

Quick Reference Guides

  • Collecting and Sharing Content – PDF
  • Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook Software – PDF
  • Hardware basics for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards – PDF
  • Working with SMART Notebook Gallery Collections – PDF
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basic Functionality – PDF

Self-paced tutorials

  • SMART Notebook Software Basics – Flash
  • Using the Page Sorter in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Properties Tab in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Using Objects in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink – Flash
  • Using the Gallery in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART Notebook Software – Flash

YouTube videos

  • SMART Notebook Layers – video
    This video shows you how to create simple layers and groups to create engaging lessons.

  • The Transparent Background – video
    This video shows you how to use the Transparent Background in SMART Notebook software.

  • The Notebook Gallery – video 
    This video shows you how to search and browse the SMART Notebook Gallery, and shows some examples of activities in the Gallery

SMART Response

Great Websites to use with your Interactive Whiteboard
Creating Interactive Lessons on SMART
  • What if the SMART Board was a student learning tool and the teacher rarely touched the board?
  • What if when we created SMART Notebook lessons we thought about what the KIDS would do on each slide instead of what the teacher would do?
  • How can I involve more than one student at a time at the SMART Board when teaching?
  • What if we created SMART Notebook lessons for the students to complete for homework and posted the lessons on your classroom web page?
  • What if we assigned students to create SMART Notebook files for projects?
  • If we think that SMART Notebook software is some of the best interactive software that we use as teachers, shouldn't we be giving it to the students to use as well?

A few SMART Professional Development Materials
SMART ExchangeFind lessons for your SMART Board and connect with other teachers.

Search lessons by subject, grade level, and standards.
SMART YouTube ChannelTutorials on all things SMART
SMART Tech Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development tutorials and resources

32 ways to use your SMART Board

SMARTBoard Presentation to School Board

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