October 2011


TenMarks offers a free online mathematics program designed to supplement your in-classroom mathematics instruction. The free TenMarks program covers materials for students in grades two through ten. In the program there are more than 2,000 video lessons available to students to view on demand. Teachers can use the TenMarks program to assign lessons and problems to individual students or to an entire class. Teachers can track the progress of individual students and the progress of an entire class. Watch the video below to learn more about the free TenMarks mathematics program for your classroom. 

Learn About Money and Banking in America
What Is the Fed? looks at the history and structure of
the Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the United States. On this site, developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, students can learn how the Fed conducts United States monetary policy, regulates banking institutions, maintains the stability of the financial system and provides financial services to depository institutions, the United States government and foreign official institutions.
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Social Studies

Take a Virtual Tour of the MLK Memorial
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial officially opened to the public on August 22. The memorial is the first on the National Mall that honors an African American and the first that honors a person who did not serve as president. The memorial is an engaging landscape experience tied to other landscapes and monuments, not a single object or memorial dominating the site. The composition of the memorial utilizes landscape elements to powerfully convey four fundamental and recurring themes throughout Dr. King’s message: justice, democracy, hope and love. The memorial has its own Web site that includes a “virtual tour.”
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My American Farm is a website produced in part by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The purpose of the site is to help students develop their knowledge of agriculture through online games. There are thirteen games that students can play for free. Each game addresses a set of math, science, and or social studies standards related to agriculture. Teachers can see the list of standards that correspond to each game by accessing this reference sheet  available through the educators' resources page of My American Farm


Encourage a Culture of Innovation
The Henry Ford Museum showcases the people and ideas that have fired our imaginations and changed our lives. The museum’s Web site features a number of digital resources: DigiKits, seven unit plans using digitized artifacts from the museum’s online collections; ExhibitBuilder, where students and teachers can create an online exhibit with the museum’s digitized collections; and Innovation 101, a curriculum encouraging innovation through interview clips with today’s hottest innovators.
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Music Notation Training is a simple website on which students can practice recognizing music notes. The offers practice for both bass and treble clefs. To use the site just type the letters of the notes you see displayed before you. Each time you type a letter you can instantly see if you were right or wrong. There are a few progressions through the site so that you don't have the same sequence of notes all the time.


Stimulate Students’ Creativity 
Design is everywhere. We are surrounded by it but often don’t think about why things are the way they are. Discover Design is an interactive Web site sponsored by the Design Museum in London. The site is intended to help teachers stimulate critical and creative thinking related to design. Students can start discovering design by clicking on the icons What Do You See? What Is It Made Of? What Does It Do? and What Is Its Impact?

World Language

Pronunciator is a free service offering self-paced lessons for sixty languages

Mobile Learning

Bring Your Lessons to the iPad
TechSmith has released a free iPad app called ScreenChomp that lets you create screencasts with audio narration on the go. You draw freehand on the iPad’s touch screen—the app offers 12 colored pens to choose from—and as you doodle, your voice gets recorded in sync with the drawing. The recorded video can be downloaded as an MPEG-4 file from the screencast.com Web site, which you can then upload to YouTube or any other video sharing Web site.
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ShowMeApp is another free whiteboard app for the iPad that offers similar recording functionality, but you cannot download the recorded screencasts.
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See how Matt Lindsay at Countryside is using this to share video lessons with students and parents.
Partial Sums

Current Events for Elementary Students

Youngzine is an online source of news, sports, and entertainment stories for elementary school students. Students will find stories to read and videos to watch in each of the information categories. Each news story is accompanied by a Google Map that has a placemark indicating where the story takes place