May 2009 Links

A new vocabulary tool: VocabGrabber.  It can generate an interactive vocabulary list from any text.  You could use it with your teacher computer and lcd projector, not to mention interwrite pad.
What is Weather? Weather is made up of different features like wind direction, wind force, precipitation, temperature, sunshine, visibility, and clouds. Have fun on this interactive site learning about these elements of weather.

Vocaroo is an easy-to-use, online voice recording utility; no log-in or password is needed, and you can download the file (in WAV format) email it, or embed it.
DoInk is a free online drawing and animation tool that runs right in your browser. You can use it to do just a quick doodle, or you can take advantage of its layer cloning and vector-based designs to create relatively advanced animations. When done with any creation, you can share it with the DoInk community, email it to a friend or embed it on a blog or social-networking profile. You can also publish anything you’ve made straight to YouTube.
My Award Maker: Design and dowload certificates and awards
Alpha-bot is the word-spelling robot and latest amazing word game for children at Merriam-Webster’s Word Central. Also try the games Robo-bee, Big bot and Jumble Kids
My First Garden Web site is intended for elementary students to learn about the beauty of gardens and the care involved in planning, nurturing and enjoying the benefits of gardening in a variety of spaces and places.
Photos8: A place to search for public domain photos
The Verb Project: Great resources for beginning ESL students.
WolframIAlpha: Making the world's knowledge computable.  Today's Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.  You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.
American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement: A Digital Library and Learning Center
Green Education Network: K–16 teachers, students and parents will find a comprehensive and easy-to-use aggregation of Save Planet Earth curriculum-related information, lesson plans, activities, projects, contests—and inspiration.
50th Anniversary of NASA: This interactive tour of NASA’s first five decades of exploration features virtual pavilions, clickable models and exhibits, video galleries, astronauts, presidents and a robot guide named Automa.
MorgeFile: Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!
Totlol is a video website designed specifically for children. It is community moderated. It is constantly growing. It is powered by YouTube.  The videos were submitted, screened and rated by parents. The selection is huge and if you like, you can participate too.
Meet Me at Midnight is an interactive online adventure that takes place in an animated Smithsonian American Art Museum. Intended for children aged 8 to 10, the site presents a perplexing scenario. An artwork—the dreaded Root Monster—comes alive and wreaks havoc in the galleries overnight. Visitors choose a friend—a character that has been separated from its artwork—to help aright the mixed-up museum and find its way back home. Every friend takes children on a vivid journey through the museum’s art collection, while imparting key concepts in American art.