February Links of the Month

Contest!  Doodle for Google: Your students could create the Google Doodle to replace the Google Logo for a day!

Google Earth 5.0:
A new version of Google Earth will allow users to explore the oceans, view images of Mars and watch regions of the Earth change over time.

My Webspiration...Inspiration, the useful mind-mapping tool, comes to the Web in an easy-to-use, collaborative version

How to create a Classroom Web Page using Google Sites: Edina is thinking of using Google Sites for its new Web Design Program for teachers.  View this example and learn how to create your own page using the cheat sheets attached to the bottom of each page.

Interactive Science Simulations: Might be higher than Elementary Level but you have to check out the Simulation under Electricity, Magnets & Circuts called the John Travoltage.

Cells Alive: An Interactive Animation of Plant and Animal Cells

ReadKiddoRead.com is a user-friendly site designed to help parents, teachers, librarians, and other adults find books that kids of all ages will enjoy.
SMART board Tutorials: How to Group and make a Pull Tab
                                               How to use the vortex

InterWrite Tutorials: How to Group and Make a Pull Tab

Interactive Math Activities

Great Sites to use with your SMART Board or InterWrite Pad

Jaycut.com: is a website that enables people to upload video, audio, and more in order to create “mixes” or movies.

In the Steps of Marco Polo:Journey with Marco Polo across the Asian continent to the court of Kublai Khan. Use the online Image Explorer to view and compare artwork from the many regions he visited. Listen to his own words describing those places.

Kick You Tube: Use these directions to download YouTube videos onto your desktop

Technology Trained Subs List Available on this Website!  Elementary>Teacher Resources>see the attachment at the bottom of the page!  Now you can access this from home!

Lincoln Bicentennial Teacher Resource Lesson plans, resources, and links to additional sites to celebrate the 200th birthday of Lincoln on February 12, 2009; use some of the Web 2.0 tools from this school year's list to collaborate and create!

Cyberbulleying Lessons for 5th Grade