4th Grade

Social Studies

Minnesota or Midwest History
True North: Mapping MN History

State Research Sites
Top 50 States: anything and everything about each state
City-data- Gives you detailed information on any city
Join a Journey Across America 
TeachersFirst’s Globetracker’s Mission is an episodic story in blog-style format that takes students in grades 2–6 on a journey across the United States to learn standards-based geographylandforms and map skills in an engaging, interactive context.
Other Sites of Interest for 4th Grade
 Science Day: activities, videos and resources for science curriculum

Solar System Jigsaw: Put the planets in order
Solar Symphony Game: A site to help kids remember the solar system
When We Left Earth is an extensive online collection of materials about NASA space missions.  It’s from the Discovery Network.
Planet Quest is a pretty amazing multimedia timeline of space exploration that begins at 500 B.C. In addition, it provides audio support for the text.
The World Book at NasaWe are proud to present a group of articles from World Book encyclopedia on the NASA Web site. NASA and World Book are working together to provide World Book content with information about space and Earth science, aeronautics and space exploration subjects.