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Reading and Writing

Storybird is a collaborative storytelling site that allows students to tap into a library of illustrations to create digital books. Storybird reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the image and “unlocking” the story inside. Students choose an artist or a theme, get inspired and start writing.

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Interactive Literacy Games


7 Sites for Math Videos

Interactive Math Games in all skills

GeoGebra Prim is designed for use by elementary and middle school students. The tool set on GeoGebra Prim is smaller than that of GeoGebra. The tools are also designed to be easier for younger students to use. Granted I don't use GeoGebra very often, but when I tested Prim this evening and did find it easier create and measure objects than the first time I tried GeoGebra. You can read more about GeoGebra Prim here and download it here.

Super Maths World is a great website of activities and games for learning and practicing mathematics skills. Super Maths World has some great interactive visual depictions of mathematics concepts. For example, the graphing section allows students to instantly see the effects of a change in the value of "x" on the slope of a line. 

Super Maths World produces many games in which students can test their mathematics skills. The games appear to be flash based and have the feel of playing a "real" video game. Each game gives instant feedback and students can track their progress with the progress tracker.

Social Studies

How Big is Africa?  Great image comparing the country to other countries around the world.

The Beauty of Maps is a BBC Series on YouTube that explores historic maps.

If It Were My Home now offers a feature for quickly comparing ten key statistics about life in different countries. To view the comparisons just select two countries from the lists and click compare. If It Were My Home will also show you a size comparison of a selected country centered over your hometown.

Updated links about the American Revolution


Science offers sixteen free online science games for students . The games are designed for i elementary age students to explore a variety of science concepts including energy, genetics, environmental science. Each game is accompanied by a set of links to support and complement the content that game addresses. 

WOW!  WeatherSpark
...a site with interactive weather graphs allowing you to pan and zoom through the entire history of any weather station

Interactive Science Games

Rocks & Weathering is a great animated site produced by the BBC. The site using interactive animations to teach students all about rocks. The site illustrates and explains how sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks form. In each stage of the site, students can "create" rocks and "inspect" rocks with a virtual magnifying glass. Students "create" rocks by compacting sediment or by adding water to cool lava. After creating rocks, students can then "destroy" rocks by adding elements of weather.

Smithsonian Wild is a new Smithsonian website that houses more than 200,000 images of animals in the wild. The pictures on the site were captured using camera traps. Camera traps are cameras, both still image and video, that are attached to a tree or otherwise positioned in a natural habitat. When an animal approaches the camera an infrared sensor triggers the camera to start capturing images and videos. Smithsonian Wild is the result of camera traps around the world.

Video Resources

YouTube Create
To try these out for yourself, visit and click on each title to learn more, watch a tutorial and see video examples. You can make an original creation in minutes--and it's free (though some sites have premium services which you can access from their sites directly). 

Today, YouTube launched a redesigned copyright center and a brand new Copyright School. These new services are designed to educate YouTube users about what is and is not a copyright violation. According to their announcement, users who have a video flagged for copyright violations will be required to attend Copyright School before being able to upload more content.

ViewPure allows you to display YouTube videos without displaying the "related videos" and advertisements that appear next to each video. There are two ways that you can use ViewPure. You can copy the url of your chosen YouTube video and paste it into ViewPure where it will then strip away everything but the video. The other option is to install the ViewPure bookmarklet and click anytime you're viewing a YouTube video.

Interactive White Board Resources

Whiteboard Blog. On the Whiteboard Blog you can find dozens of video tutorials and printable help sheets for learning to use your IWB to develop lessons. And if you're interested in a collection of resources for your IWB that you can hold in your hand, Danny offers a 200 page book through Lulu.

SMART Notebook search engine. As you would expect from the name, the SMART Notebook search engine is designed to help you find resources designed for teaching with SMARTBoards. 

Music Sites

Music Tech Teacher is a site developed by a music technology teacher, Ms. Karen Garrett, in Birmingham, Alabama. On Music Tech Teacher you can find dozens of online music lessons, quizzes, and games designed to help elementary school students learn to read music, learn to play music, and learn about music technology. Take a look at the piano practice section of Music Tech Teacher to find some basic piano lessons that can be learned using just a keyboard or mouse. Or explore the quiz section about musicians to test your knowledge of people like Ellington, Joplin, or Gillespie.

Social Studies

QuizGeo is a new site hosting geography quizzes built on the Google Maps platform. On QuizGeo you can browse and play pre-made geography quizzes or create your own quizzes. All of the quizzes operate in the same fashion of presenting you with a place name and requiring you to click on that place on a map before time expires.

New National Geographic Education Section
National Geographic recently unveiled a new education section for students and teachers.

National Geographic Education offers a great map making tool. Map Maker Interactive offers six themes on which users can create custom map displays. Within each theme there are subcategories to choose from. For example, you can select the theme Physical Systems Land then choose Tectonic Plates to display on your map. Map Maker Interactive also provides drawing tool and marker icons that you can place on your map. Overall, the ease of use and the variety of themes makes Map Maker Interactive an excellent alternative to creating maps on Google Maps.

The multimedia gallery on National Geographic Education offers a new option for a "teachers" view. The teachers view provides discussion questions, fast facts, and a list of key vocabulary terms associated with each video or slideshow.

National Geographic Education now offers a new collection of hands-on classroom activities addressing topics in geography and environmental science. The activities are targeted toward elementary and middle school students.

iDevices Apps and Resources

Appy Tuesday: An app review a week from Molly

Edina Apps Resources

Flubaroo is a free script that you can use grade the quizzes that you administer through Google Docs. Flubaroo provides great step-by-step directions for using the script. I'll give an quick overview of how it works. First, create your multiple choice quiz using Forms in Google Docs (get directions here). Then take the quiz yourself and have students take the quiz (you can embed it in a webpage or direct students to the URL for your form). Now instead of trying to grade the spreadsheet cells you will insert the Flubaroo script by selecting it from the "insert" menu in your spreadsheet. Once the Flubaroo script is inserted just select it and it will grade the quiz for you.

Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy is an interactive graphic that lists and links to Google tools that can be used to accomplish the tasks associated with each level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

Internet Safety Resources

Through the  Wild Web Woods. Through the Wild Web Woods is designed for students ages seven through ten to learn how to spot danger on the Internet and what to do when they do spot danger on the Internet. The game is available in twenty-four languages. Resources

In March they are featuring the following resources:

   Civil War - 150th Anniversary 

   Explaining the United Nations and Lybia to Students 

   neXtu - Newest Calculation Game 

   Teaching Nuclear Energy 

   Anti-Bullying Resources 

   Earthquakes & Tsunamis 

   Teaching Abraham Lincoln 

   Applying Math Across Disciplines 

   Explore the Universe with Students 

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