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Classroom Management

#1 You are the teacher in the classroom!
  • Lids to 45 degrees when ever you want to give verbal instructions
  • Close your lid when you really want to make an important point!
  • Have students turn "knees towards me" when you are giving instruction.

#2 Students should always use the same laptop from the cart. (Teachers should assign this.)
  •  Student login will be faster
  • If there are problems with the machine you know who was using it
  • It is recommended that you have students sign out the device they have used
#3 Ask 3 before me. Students should ask 3 other students how to do something before asking the teacher.
Especially w/ BYOD, students can assist each other.

#4 What is the analog equivalent?
How do you handle students off task behaviors without technology? Often, the solution for students misusing the technology will be similar.

#5 Bring it out when you need it, put it away when you don't!

#6 It is the staff members responsibility to make sure all laptops are returned to the cart, and check that all are plugged in for charging. 

#7 Students are responsible to come to school with their device fully charged.

After looking at these resources please click here and share the top 5 things you need to remember when working with laptops in your classroom.