Service Learning

 A project for 9th grade students
Service learning is a key educational component of the 9th grade curriculum. 
It is a year long project where students go beyond the walls of the school and try to impact the world around them.

Service Learning is like volunteering, but with learning objectives and self reflection built into the volunteering activity. 
It is a way to link what is happening in the classroom, in current events and your own beliefs to the outside world.

The benefit of service learning is that it:

Links course work to real life experience and employment.

Allows you to make a difference in the community.

Enhances your critical thinking skills.

Improves interpersonal and human relations skills.

Provides you with an opportunity for career exploration and potential job contacts.

Provides you with a greater understanding of social issues.

Documents work experience and skill development.

Meets the Service Learning Standard from the MN Dept of Education.

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Service in Edina

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Service Project
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